Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Product-Grungeboard

By Tim Holtz
He's done it again! Tim has designed a product that has so much potential! It cries out to be played with! Trying to describe Grungeboard is not easy. It's been compared to Rawhide, I think it is more like suede and about the thickness of Chipboard. It feels very silky and flexible, yet is very durable; and ready to be 'inked, painted, stained or hammered'. Grungeboard comes either die cut into different shapes, (with the 'negative part of the design perfect to use as a stencil) or in sheet form, that you can cut into the shapes you desire. It can also be used with the Bind It All machine...Doesn't that bring some great ideas to mind for journals and albums?!

Each package contains Grungeboard with a different texture. Dots, Harlequin, Swirls, Lines and Plain. Even though they have their own texture, you can still run them through the Cuttlebug using an embossing folder, to add additional texture to them. Our Photo Bucket Catalogue has close-up pictures of the various textures of the Grungeboard located under 'New Products'

Available are:

'Alpha's' - (26 sheets 234 Letters per package), 9 complete fonts per pack
Each letter of the Alphabet has it's own page. There are 9 Complete fonts in total per page!!
There's the perfect size and font of each letter for all of your projects!

Digits & Punctuation- (16 sheets with 171 numbers and punctuation per package)
Package contains numbers 0-9, ampersands, @ symbols, parenthesis, exclamation points, asterisks and more.

Elements (Shapes) -
(8 Sheets with 94 shapes per package)
This package contains grungeboard shapes of wings & crowns, skulls & arrows, hinges, frames & digits, flourishes 1, flourishes 2, hearts & stars, and keys.

Basics - (Full Sheets) ( 10 - 8" x 5" sheets per package)
These 'blank canvases' are ready to be used in what ever way you want! They can be cut into what ever shape you want.. Or use them in larger pieces, for journal covers! There is so many possibilities. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone does with these! (I have so many ideas swirling in my head, now just to get a chance to play with them!

Visit Our Photo Bucket Online Catalogue -(New Products) to view the various Grungeboard packages as well as to see close ups of the different textures.

We were so excited to get them in! I love the texture and feel of them! Each of the packages have a small Grungeboard tag attached to the outside of the package, showing whatever texture that package contains..(dots, swirls, lines, etc)....They are so 'touchable', it is hard to keep my hands off the tags, they they feel so nice! (Maybe it's time I get a life! lol)
Due to their popularity, many stores are getting 'Back Ordered' until after Christmas. We didn't get the Digits & Punctuation in, but the rest arrived! I'm selling out of them quickly! If you can't find Grungeboard in your Local Stamp Stores, feel free to email me to order yours.
Below you will find a project Demonstration done by Tim Holtz, using Grungeboard.

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