Saturday, February 7, 2009

Countdown to Valentines Day - Printable image sheet and more

Lisa Vollrath, a wonderful mixed media artist is celebrating Valentines day by offering a count down to Valentines day. Each day, from February 1st to February 14th, a new printable image sheet is being revealed at her website. Visit her website to find out more.

About a week or so ago, I was asked by a stamping friend if I carried "heavy-weight acetate, the kind that you can make cards out of, that will stand up on their own". I've seen cards on various groups made with this material, but wasn't sure where to get it. None of my suppliers carried it. I've often thought of how much 'potential' this material had, 'heavy weight enough to carry weight, yet totally clear.....
My friend sent me the link to the website, of the business who sells it online, 'Short cuts'
Their website is under construction, but most pages do work. In fact, the ones that don't, will link you to a page that will give you the information you are looking for. There are samples, descriptions and instructions done by their design team, and links to their blogs.
Here is the link to the website, take a look, I think you will like what you see...
They also offer Frosted Cards as well as the Clear....I contacted the owner last week, and she offered to send me some samples. I didn't expect them to arrive for a few weeks, as they were mailed from Kansas, USA....Can you believe it? They arrived in the mail yesterday! I don't think it took a week to get to Alberta, Canada from Kansas, USA!! heck, it sometimes takes longer for mail to go to Saskatchewan from Alberta!
The material is supposed to be finger print resistant, but, of course, like all acetates, and similar products, there is bit of static. (I was going to write "they were 'staticy' "I'm sure that's not a word...then, thought of "They are staticky"...nope, that doesn't look right, instead, there is 'static'... I wonder what the right word would be...Any Ideas??

I'm going to play with the samples, and, if I like them, (I think I'm going to) and think that you will as well....I'll be bringing more in. I'll post the verdict, and let you know what I think. .....To be truthful, I've got an idea in my head, I think these would be great, run through the big shot, with one of the new Spellbinder flowers dies....shoot, I wish they were here now.... I knooooow...Patience is a virtue. That was the 'mantra' I kept repeating to my oldest granddaughter when she was young....but of course, I didn't tell her that Grandma didn't have any patience when it came to paper crafting, hehehe.
Have a wonderful weekend


Sandie R said...

I will be most interested in this product. Be sure and let me know what you think of it.

Integrity Designs said...

I'll do that Sandie, In fact, I'll be posting how it goes, and maybe I'll even get a picture of it on the blog..intentions are always good, but I never seem to get pictures uploaded.