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New Cuttlebug Spring releases-All in one system / Emboss Plus /new embossing folders

Though the calendar tells us that it is March, and that spring should be here, or at least arriving shortly, I don't think the 'weather gods' are thinking of spring yet.  They forgot to check the calendar.  It's still cold and snowy with bad weather pretty well all over North America it seems.  Since there is nothing we can do about the weather,  I guess we'll just have to look at the bright side...   .... ......I'm trying to think of something 'bright' relating to our weather......  ..... .....nothing is coming to mind.........Seriously, it won't be long until we'll be working in our yards, cleaning out flower beds, and mowing the lawns....wishing we had more time for card-making, rubber stamping and scrap-booking.  So, I guess we should enjoy our time indoors while we can.

A few weeks ago I posted about the new 'All in One' embossing system that ProvoCraft / Cuttlebug will be releasing this spring.  I posted pictures of three of the design sets that will be available (arriving March / April);  I thought today I'd post a picture of another pattern......since I'm now looking out the window and watching big fluffy snowflakes drifting to the ground, I chose the Christmas set 'Twinkle'.  (Maybe I should have chosen 'Bloom & Grow')  Each of the design elements in each set can be used separately, or together, in different areas of the embossing folder.....Cool....I think this is a great idea!    Below is a picture of the embossing folder that the design elements are used with (sold separately).   The Embossing folder is the key to the flexibility of this product! 
Because this system allows you to put your embossed designs anywhere on the cardstock using any combination, it offers unlimited design possibilities!
Each design set has a set of ten 'embossing' and ten 'debossing' plates that 'snap' into a special 'All in One' embossing folder that has a grid of holes.  The grid makes it possible for you to put your design anywhere on your project!  This opens up so many new creative options for using the embossed / debossed designs. A picture of the Embossing folder will illustrate this far better than me just explaining.  The 6x9" folder allows you to use designs from one set, or mix and match!

The 'All in One' sets can be viewed in my online catalog in 2011 Cuttlebug/Craft-Too new releases.  (on page two of that section).

I received word from my distributor that Provo Craft is releasing six new Cuttlebug Embossing folders, three 5 x7" and three A2 size this spring. These can be viewed in the same section of my online catalog.  (2011 Cuttlebug / Craft-Too new releases)  Although the items haven't arrived yet, I've started taking (pre)-orders for them

In my last post, I was sharing with you, how excited I was that I'll be carrying a great new (to Canada) line of embossing folders from Australia.  Couture Creations introduced eight new 5x7" embossing folders, offering designs totally new to the Canadian market.  (pages 1  & 2 of the 2011 new embossing folder section)
Can you imagine how excited I was to hear that I'll also be able to bring in another line of embossing folders from Australia!!   Craft Concepts!  This company has a very unique (and pretty) design line of embossing folders in A2 size. There are eight embossing folders in this design line.  They are different than other companies, in that their designs are available in limited quantities!  They do one 'manufacturing run'  of each design in the series ....then they stop manufacturing them!    That's it!  No more!...Kaput....Finito!....Done...forever.....  They move on to another set of designs.  That means when they're gone....they're gone!
At the(upper)  left is 'Flutterby' one of the Craft Concepts new A2 size embossing folders  that will be arriving this spring.   Below it is one of my favorites, Gem Flourish..I think this design would look so beautiful with Rangers Stickles, or Shimmerz paints, or even embossing powder or glitters....something 'glitzy' on each of the 'gems' of the flourish design....(but, as I've often said....I should have been a crow!!  I LOVE that Glitz and Bling!...anything shiny and sparkly!!)  To see more of Craft Concepts new design line of embossing folders, check out 2011 Cuttlebug / Craft-Too new releases, Page One

I have to admit, as far as my family and friends are concerned, I'm notorious for being unable to make up my mind when I'm deciding whether to buy something for my personal use.  I can't make up my mind....I guess you could say I 'sit on the fence'...According to my DH, I 'debate things to death' whether I'm deciding on the color or design of an item..or whether I should get it or not......After thinking and debating....going over the pros and cons ("how often will I use it?", "would I use the other one more??") and considering whether I REALLY want it....I make my decision..."that's it!  I'll get it!"....then, I  get to the store, just before it closes  to find out  "It was sold two days ago"......Arrrrrrgh!  it's sold....gone!  (You gotta hate when that happens!) Then I see something else, and the circle starts again, lol.  My poor husband!  You'd think, after twenty five years of marriage, Gord would be used to this....hehehe...still drives him nuts!  "All Right, Already, Buy the Darned thing!!!!" is what I hear...but, nooooo, I've got to think about it first, ...and debate it 'to death' 

There will be no time to sit on the fence with the limited number of each of the Craft Concepts designs.  I don't know how many of each design is made in one 'run'.....but,  I'd be choked to find the design I wanted was not only 'sold out', but never available again! Yikes!....
I'll be making my mind up quickly this time.... Maybe this will be my exercise in learning how to make up my mind quickly...d'ya think???.  Naaah, it will just give me a chance to order one of everything!   but now I'll have an excuse to buy everything..."If I don't get it will be gone forever, and  ....if I don't get it, I may need it next month"  hehehe  
I hope that, because these Craft Concept embossing folders are so lovely, that they make a lot in that 'one manufacturing run'...I think they're gorgeous, and very unique...totally different than what we've had available to purchase in Canada.

The Craft Concepts A2 embossing folders can also be seen in the 2011 Cuttlebug / Craft-too new releases (in my online catalog).  In this section there are 4-5 pages of new introductions and releases already!...and it's only the beginning of March!

Provo Craft Cuttlebug Emboss Plus
The new Provo Craft Cuttlebug Emboss Plus releases arrived this afternoon!  I've been (im)patiently waiting (they aren't late...I'm just impatient).
There are four lovely A2 designs.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the Emboss Plus designs by Provo Craft, they are an 'embossing folder' that cuts and embosses at the same time, when you put it through your Cuttlebug, Big Shot, Wizard, or whatever personal die cutting  machine you are using. The patterns are very detailed. The Emboss Plus new releases can be viewed at the bottom of Page Two and on Page Three of my online catalog (the link above is to page two, scroll to the bottom of the page)
I had planned on photographing instructions of how to use the Emboss Plus embossing/ cutting  folders, but, with two orders arriving today,  I've got boxes piled up around my kitchen and dining room, waiting to be unpacked and orders to pull together and ship.
So, instead of taking pictures, I'll post a link at the bottom of my post, to a YouTube video showing how to use these great embossing/cutting folders from Provo Craft.  .
A stamping friend emailed me the link to this video so I could post it for you.  (Thanks Sandie!) 

In the orders that arrived today, the CHA new releases are trickling in!  Tim Holtz Movers & Shapers die, 'ATC & Corners' and two of the new A2 size embossing folder sets arrived. ' Country & Flowering Foliage' set and 'Flowers and Bow Strings' arrived today.....This means the tidal wave of new releases has started!  The next couple of months will have new releases arriving weekly from various companies!  I can't wait!  We may not have spring temperatures yet, BUT, as long as we're indoors anyway, at least we have some great new toys to play with!!
Here is the link to the YouTube video instructions for using the Provo Craft Emboss Plus cutting / embossing folders
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