Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sizzix Flip-it dies with Big Shot and Cuttlebug

Hi Everyone,
There are so many new releases and new products being introduced this spring!  It's hard to keep up!  I had wanted to post about some of them for the past two weeks already...but, new items kept arriving...and being introduced!

 Sizzix Flip-It Dies
SIzzix has created a great new die, called a 'Flip-It'. It is a new size of die, Size L (Large) die
Smaller than the BIGZ XL size and
 bigger than BIGZ dies.  These dies are Steel Rule dies, so are very strong and will cut through many different materials...They cut the outside shape of the card (you place a piece of cardstock large enough to accommodate your card (4.25 x 5.5") on the die...It cuts around the outside...AND it cuts a shape out of the center...and creates fold lines where the folds should be!  It does it ALL!...All you need to do is fold at the score lines (on either side of the cut-out shape)
There are different shapes of 'flip' parts (for lack of better words, lol)..Circles, Hearts, Squares, Flowers, Fancy Frame, and more. The one shown above is 'Fancy Frame'   When you open the card, the center frame shape flips over, and you see the back of the 'frame' (the reverse of what you were looking at, originally!)  How cool is that?  Sizzix also has a small fancy frame die that fits inside this die, to create a cut out Fancy frame!!  The Flip-It's can be seen in my online catalog in the 2012 What's New category  
Stephanie Bernard (the designer of Flip-it's) has created a great video on YouTube that shows how to use these great dies.
It can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkDG7ocg3S0  There are more videos showing how to use the Movers & Shapers with these Flip-it 'base' dies to create some cute windows in the shape.... Here's another super video that  I'd recommend viewing...This one, as well as using the Sizzix Flip-its dies, it uses the Movers and Shapers dies with them.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZhAyUFxGJc   This video shows the differences between the Crease pad, impressions pad, so you know what to look for.

 More questions / answers about Sizzix Flip-its dies.

Even though there are some wonderful YouTube videos showing the use of these cool dies, we're being left with some questions.......I've received several emails from stampers who have seen/heard conflicting information!..One person heard you HAD to use a Premium Crease pad from Sizzix....Another person heard that we CAN'T use this die in the Cuttlebug...

So, I decided to run some test  using both the Cuttlebug AND the Sizzix Big Shot machines. 
 Sizzix created these dies to be used in the Big Shot...and we know that the Big Shot has more strength than the Cuttlebug, so even though the Steel Rule Dies are stronger and will cut through heavier materials...You still have to factor in the machine you are using.
First of All, I used the Big Shot both WITH and WITHOUT the Premium Crease pad.
I used the XL crease pad, as I've been 'eyeing' some BIGZ XL dies that need it, so I thought it would be cheaper to buy one pad, and use it for both sizes of dies...(that gives me an excuse to buy an XL die..".Hey, I've already got the XL Premium Crease Pad...I NEED the XL dies now!" LOL

Big Shot & Flip-it's Card dies:
 If you use the Sizzix Premium Crease pad, (shown here using the Extended, Premium Crease Pad, you will put the crease pad on the top of the cardstock, instead of the cutting mat.  Here is the Sandwich Recipe:
Big Shot Cutting pad
Flip It Die (cutting side up)
Premium Crease pad (if not using- use cutting plate.

I used the Big shot with the Premium Crease pad, and without it.  At first, I didn't think there really was any difference between the two cards....UNTIL after opening and closing the card about 4-5 times....The card made without the Crease pad....tore....It actually had so much pressure, that the score lines were actually partially cut...You don't it...but, after a few uses, it separated at the score line.
---So, You can use either with or without the premium crease pad....depending on how much pressure your machine uses.....If your machine exerts a lot of pressure and 'cuts' the score lines..You may want to purchase a Crease Pad.

Sizzix Flip-It's Card Dies in Cuttlebug machine

Cuttlebug Machine - Yes, YES, YES.....You can use these dies in the Cuttlebug Machine!  They're the same width as the BIGZ dies...and we use them....BUT, we CAN NOT use the Crease pad, because it is too wide (it is 6 1/2" wide) it will not go through the rollers....
We've been told all along that the Cuttlebug isn't as strong as the Big Shot, and it doesn't exert the same amount of pressure on the dies...That was always a 'downfall'...of the Cuttlebug...until now!
Because the Cuttlebug doesn't exert as much pressure on the score lines...it doesn't cut them through!
The Sandwich recipe for the Cuttlebug is  (From Bottom:
Cutting Plate
Sizzix Flip-It die
Cutting plate
Top Cutting plate is shown at bottom, not lined up to edge.
As you can see in the picture, my Cuttlebug B (cutting) plate (shown on top) is very well used....What you don't see..is it's VERY WARPED....It bulges (in the middle) on one side of the plate.....When I put the warped plate on top of the sandwich at first...it wouldn't fit through the Rollers...it was too thick......(because it's warped 'out').  I flipped it a few times...and nothing helped...Then, I thought that if I put it through, in gradual steps of getting wider...It may work.

I slid the upper cutting plate back a bit, lower on the die, (shown as bottom cutting plate....I don't know why I held it upside down for the picture?? DUH....It still covers the blade where the edge of the card is cut, but the thickness is introduced gradually...and, it fit through the rollers, and cut perfectly!  (see, now if fit through the rollers.....

It still covers the blade that cuts the edge of the card, but the thickness is gradually introduced....and, it fit through the Rollers!
If your Cutting Pads are severely warped like mine were, that is the solution to make it fit through the rollers

AND, It Cut beautifully!...and didn't score the cardstock, it didn't tear at the score lines.  I folded it, used my bone folder, and Opened and closed the card several times, with no tearing at the fold at all!

By the way, this card stock is not Pumpkin Orange!!!   Would you believe it's actually RED!..For whatever reason, it's looking very  'Hallowe'eny pumpkin-y orange...

As you can see on the die, under where my cardstock is laying, there is a 'shape' where there is no foam, it's a metal area in the shape (in this case, fancy frame).  In this area, you can place the 'movers, (magnetic) dies from Sizzix/Tim Holtz, to also cut a shape out the cardstock at the same time as you cut out your card stock.   After you figure out where you'd place the small magnetic shape' so it will be cut out of your 'Flip-it' center at the same time...place a mark (marker) on the metal, showing where you want to place the die.

New MemoryBox dies Summer Releases announced! 

Memory Box has released new summer dies and wood mounted stamps!...They've been busy!
They've designed some great summer themed dies, from Turtles (both solid, and outline 'overlay'...(and for those 'die-hard' turtle fans...there is even a Turtle Border!.) There is even (shown at left) a Sandal Border!  Yupp....a border made out of flip-flops!  And, of course there's always summer flowers, birds & butterflies to make your cards and scrapbook pages cheery and bright!

The dies can be seen in my online catalog in the Cutting Dies-MemoryBox Category

Memory Box and their designers have introduced several projects showing their new Dies and stamps in use in projects!
They can be seen at their website:  www.memoryboxco.com 
Take your glass of Iced Tea to the computer, and get ready to visit Summer projects, courtesy of Memory Box!
To order any of the dies or other items in my online catalog, please email me, (address is in left side bar).
The link to our Online Catalog can also be found in the Left Side Bar.

New Limited Edition Summer Distress Inks Released and ready for order!

Now....for a tease.....Would you like to see the new Limited Edition Summer Distress ink color palette?
I received an email this morning from my distributors---They have the new Limited edition Summer Distress Inks in stock, and ready to order!  I've been told there are a limited number available-I'll be placing my order as soon as possible (Wednesday or Thursday, at the latest!
...I'll post more later today, when I have the pictures to show.  Til then, they can be seen in my online catalog, on the main page! (the link is above)
Email me to order.- you'll have to wait til my next post to see what the summer colors will be...smiles...(I promise I'll be posting today)

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Connie Layman said...

Thank you! I just bought the Flip-it dies and I never would have made them work with my Cuttlebug without your suggestions. My plates are not warped and it was still difficult to get them through without staggering the top one.

Integrity Designs said...

I'm glad that my instructions and information helped. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get a 'Sandwich' go through your die cutting machine, and it won't. and, you aren't sure if you will 'break' something....(like your Cuttlebug)...Thanks for letting me know that you had success.