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New Canadian Ranger Distress Color of the Month Club

Hi Everyone,
Tim Holtz /Ranger Distress Ink Color of the Month
We've all been so excited about the Ranger /Tim Holtz collaboration that resulted in the Distress Color of the month.  Since Tim announced their first color release in January, Cracked Pistachio, the Distress Color of the Month on most card makers, rubber stampers and scrapbookers' wish list!

On the first Friday of every month, Tim Holtz introduces the newest in the Distress Color of the month.  The color will start shipping around the 20th of the month.  Ranger is releasing the new color in a Distress Ink Pad, Re-inker, Distress Stain, Distress Paint, Distress Spray Stain and Distress Marker. 

We weren't prepared for their popularity, heck, even Ranger themselves weren't ready for the avalanche of orders... Suppliers and distributors didn't order enough, Ranger ran out....Yikes.... Since that day in January, Ranger has learned to make more inks, suppliers have learned to order more, (so the retailers aren't caught in the middle between customers customers who want their New Distress Colors and suppliers who have sold out...

Since that day, Ranger and Tim Holtz has introduced FOUR new colors of Distress inks and products:  Cracked Pistachio, Abandoned Coral, Mermaid Lagoon and Fossillized Amber (Fossilized Amber is ready to be shipped out today from the US manufacturer)..and the others are currently on their way to me (for those of you who are still waiting for your order to arrive.

A customer approached me a few weeks ago and asked if Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps and Paper Crafts could set up some kind of Distress Color of the Month Club, where members would commit to order the new release (either the bundled set, or whatever products they wanted).(3-4 month commitment).and, in return, get their inks faster.
I talked to my Canadian Ranger Supplier, and we were able to come up with an agreement.  I felt if the Distress Club members would commit to their order for this time, I would make it more rewarding....Locked in Prices, (no matter if the prices get higher because of the Canadian Dollar, they get the lower one)...AND, to make things even better..Special Postage for members monthly order.

Introducing Integrity Designs Distress Ink Color of the Month Club

You can join the Distress Ink Color of the Month Club by emailing me your order, for whichever products you want to receive (minimum 3 month commitment) and your order will be included in the first shipment that arrives in Canada.
 Our Canadian Ranger Distributor and I have come up with an arrangement where he will pre-order YOUR order prior to the ink color being announced, so it will be in the first shipment, BUT, if you want to add to your order, after the color has been introduced, I can't guarantee the add-on will be sent at the same time as your standing order.

SPECIAL POSTAGE for Color of the Month Club Members
I have found over the past four months of Distress Ink Color releases that most of my customers are ordering the Ink pad, re-inker and marker.  It's nice to be able to match your marker color to the inks for those 'Special little touches'.  Some Customers add sprays and stains or paints.  This means because of the size of the bottles re-inker,stain, spray, or paint, the order will have to be shipped in a box for Parcel Post rates, since it won't go through Canada Post's template for envelopes and over-sized mailers.  I have come up with an idea that will save Distress Club Color of the Month members on postage.  

I will mail the Distress ink pad and Distress Marker (whatever will fit in an envelope) when they arrive at lettermail prices  (current postage rate is $1.86) (Did you know ALL ink pads can be mailed in envelopes! (for cheap postage, WooHoo!)

If you aren't in a hurry for your Distress re-inker or Distress Stain or Paint (Whatever doesn't fit in envelope), I can hold the bulky, thicker items for 2-3 months and mail them to you at one time, charging you at the time of mailing to you.
    I am not asking for payment in advance, but I AM asking for a commitment that you will take the products you pre-order.  You will be charged for the items when they are mailed to you.

Distress Ink Club Color of the Month Special Price Guarantee
To make things even better for Distress Ink Club members, Your Prices will be lower than if the Distress products were purchased after the colors are introduced. AND,  I will lock in the prices of your pre-order, for the length of your commitment.  If the dollar worsens and the prices go up, Club Members will keep the original pricing.  **But, if the Canadian dollar gets stronger, and prices Drop, your prices will drop to reflect the better retail pricing.
Special Distress Club Color of the Month pricing
Distress Ink Pad $7.95
Distress Re-Inker $6.95
Distress Marker: $4.65
Distress Paint (Dauber top) $6.95
Distress Spray Stain $6.95
Distress Stain $6.95
For those of you who like the little Mini Distress ink pads, and have been asking about when the NEW Colors of the Month are going to be released, Tim Holtz has announced that they will be released in sets of FOUR, the month following the release of the fourth color.  I am also taking Distress Club pre-orders for the mini-ink pads as well.  

Special Mini-Distress Ink Pad storage case is Now Available

A new storage case has been developed for storing the Mini Distress Ink pads.  This case has a click-in tray that helps hold down the top of up to twelve mini ink pads, so they don't slide askew, and allow air to dry out the ink pad!  It will be arriving this week.  If you are one of the Distress Mini Pad fans, and were getting frustrated with your lids slipping off, You definitely want to check this case out!  

There has been so many new products, and new releases from Memory Box, Poppy Stamps, Spellbinders and all of these great companies that keep us crafting!  
If you are interested in ordering from Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps, or Joining the Integrity Designs Distress Color of the Month Club, email me at:  integritydes at gmail dot com.  (email address also in side bar.  If you'd like to visit our Online catalog, we invite you to visit us at: http://s13.photobucket.com/user/integritydesigns/library/?sort=6&page=1
If you have any problems navigating our site, or are looking for a product that you can't locate, feel free to email me.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to visit our blog.

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