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What can be better...Great new Crafting Toys And a place to put them!

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It's been a busy month.  Watching all of the great videos, interviews and tutorials that came out of  CHA 2016 Mega show in Anaheim California in the second week in January was certainly entertaining.  I definitely know what's on my  'need to have' list; for myself, and the shop.

First shipment of CHA releases will be arriving this week! ...
Can you believe that it's only a few weeks later, and the first shipment of some of these interesting and inspiring goodies will be arriving in the warehouses!  Even in Canada!  Plans were that some of the Ranger/Sizzix/Stampers Anonymous shipment would be here a few days ago, but, I think the terrible storms that have been pummeling the USA during the past couple of weeks has slowed down the shipments ...Oh, well, I'll just have to have patience.   and continue to make room in the shop, and my craft room for the new products that we are expecting.  
That's certainly not too long to wait.  Heck, I remember waiting for Ranger's Perfect Pearls Powders....for over 6 months before they arrived in Canada!  (that was discouraging!). 

Several new paper and mixed media products that were introduced  at CHA have me very excited, and i cant wait to try them out!  

These are a few that have me doing a 'Happy Dance'

They Said It Couldn't be Done 
For the past few years, paper crafters have been asking Tim Holtz for a 'White' Distress ink.  I think the first I remember hearing the request was in one of Tim Holtz online Creative Chemistry Classes that I took.  At that time Tim said that he'd talked to the chemists at Ranger Industries...and, it was "impossible"..... during the past year, when Ranger introduced a new color Distress ink every month, again that was a common color request.....

Over the years they've been trying...and now we have found out..Nothing is Impossible!

Introducing...Picket Fence White Distress Ink Pad with Re-Inker!
They did it!  They finally did it!  Yeaahh! (Let the bells ring out, and the banners fly!  They DID it! 

I'll be honest, I'm a 'dummy' when it comes to chemistry.......
I'm just glad someone else was able to create an OPAQUE  white ink that unlike pigment inks, can be spritzed, and blended with other Distress inks and products!  

I have been waiting for a white ink that I can blend...nothing sticky, and tacky like pigments inks would be.  The Picket Fence Marker was released a while ago, along with Stain and paint...Now, the family is complete....the Picket Fence Ink pad and Inker are now with their Distress family  

All of Ranger's new Releases will be found in my online catalog, in the 2016 Tim Holtz/Ranger New products  section of the catalog.  
We are also expecting the latest of Distress Products, the Distress Crayons to arrive within the week.  These are totally different from the crayons I'm used to...not waxy, more like lipstick, and, they look very very interesting!  There are 3 sets of 6 Distress Crayons per package. In the Online catalog you will find the list of colors that are in each Distress Crayon Package.   Low Pre-order price $19.95.  Once they have arrived, prices will be slighly higher, due to the Canadian dollar. 
In the Integrity Designs Online catalog, you will find the Distress Crayons, and each description will give you the colors in each package.

The link below will take you to the main page of my online catalog, where you will find the PIcket Fence Distress Ink pad and inker as well as the Distress Crayons as well as  Dies and stamps with other new releases that we are expecting to arrive within the next short while

Ongoing Storage Problems... 
HELP!  Where am I going to store this..?.(so I can find it again)
Where did I put the...?  Where is the...?  I know I moved things, but what did I do with ...?  
Does that sound familiar to you?  Every time I organize, or re-organize, I can't find anything!!   
Every Crafter has storage 'issues' (I'm talking about myself, as well as many of my crafting friends...)  I've been crafting since a young girl.  I started embroidering, then to crocheting, (I tried tatting, but...results weren't so good)...Then, on to Decoupage, Dried Flower arranging/Wreath Making, Woodworking, Candle making, Paper-making (which I still dabble into), jewelry making, rubber stamping, card-making.....I even dabbled in Stained Glass and Mosaics for a short period
During those years I discovered something.  All Crafts have One thing in common....They all have supplies, and need a place to put them.  Well, except for tatting,that's just a small shuttle and a ball of thread)......
It seems all of our toys need a place to call home...Storage space...Some crafters have lovely big Craft rooms, and they are organized.  I don't have a huge room that I can claim just for crafts, (I share the table in the shop). but it IS a big table.
Over the years, usually in January or February I post about my most recent success or disappointments at a new storage system for something. (check back in my posts)
there are a few storage systems that work great for me, and I'm still storing some supplies that way.

Storage Organizing Options that are working for me 
Spellbinders Nestabilities Storage - I started doing this a few years ago, and so far this has worked the best for me!
The details are all in previous posts, so I don't want to go through it again. (I get too wordy, lol)   Check them out if you are interested.
I use a Three Ring Binder (with D Rings) and Stamp n Store Lightweight Storage panels (5 per package, and you can mount your tape on both sides.  and wide 1" magnetic tape with adhesive back.  The storage panels are heavy enough that they don't bend from the weight, and the magnet doesn't release the day, as it did when I used a large 8x10 magnetic sheet on cardstock.   
After tweaking some issues that came up.... I've made a few changes, and now:  I sometimes use ATG tape on back of magnetic tape when it comes loose) AND I found that I need to put a Piece of cardstock sheet separating the pages, (the dies face each other, (facing pages) and sometimes they'll stick to the magnet on the other side.  With a sheet of cardstock between, you can make notes, on it, or even write the sizes if you are organized enough..smiles, that does stop them from sticking to the wrong page.  there should be a picture from a previous post.
I buy my magnetic tape using my 40% coupon at Micheals.  And, I sell the Stamp N Store storage panels in the shop. (I also use them to mount my rubber stamps and clear stamps)

Rubber Stamp Storage (Clear and Cling mounted)
I am still using the 3-ring Binders with D-rings to store my Clear and Rubber stamps..on 
EZ mount Lightweight Storage Panels.  For me, this has worked out the best.  I have unmounted most of my wood mounted stamps, because I had no Storage space! (there is an earlier post on this) I know which binder has each type of stamp in...Holidays, florals, Landscapes, Ethnic, Children, Animals,etc, etc.  I did find out 'the hard way' that If you have a large number of stamp images, and are going to need a thick binder (3-4 inches) definitely try to get a D-Ring binder, with the round rings you can't get as many in.  If you'd like to read how I store my stamps in the binders, feel free to read the post about that from a few years ago.

I Love my Clip It Up Storage system!  
I didn't get the floor model, as floor space for me is at a premium. I have this on the end of the table, and have now found a low table that I've set it on, right next to my crafting table.  
 I have the Clip it up Base and the upper tier attached.  The two levels  turn independently of each other, and there are swivel clips to hold translucent envelopes (made by company).  I use a combination of their Storage envelopes, (for things like brads, and small themed embellishments, etc) I like to use them for left over die cuts as well.  I also use sandwich and snack bags for feathers, etc.  All the smaller items on the top tier, and larger items on Bottom tier, (large stencils, large lace packets, anything that is taller (holds up to 12 inches in height).  
I have a Cover for mine, so the items don't fade from the sun, get dusty, or little sticky fingers won't touch what they shouldn't. lol..(and, when I'm not working on something, I can put the cover on, and the room looks neat and tidy...(for a while) hehe.
.That storage system has helped in remembering what I have, and not buying it again.  It's right there in front of me.  It only takes up about 12" footprint of space.

Clip it up Base Tier
This is the  Base Tier of the Clip it up.  It's great for longer items, the Center Pole is 15 inches high. the Labels, dividers, and steel clips are included. There is a handle to pick it up with.  
For more storage space, you can remove then handle and add the Upper Tier if desired.  The Picture below shows the Clip it Up  Upper tier attached to the base.  These links will take you to online catalog with descriptions)

Every year around this time, I try to put a Storage Product on special, while everyone is busy trying to organize and create more room in their crafting rooms.  The Clip it Up is a storage/organizational system I have been using for years, and it is sturdy and dependable.  I'm going to put it on Special this year, for you!  It is on sale, but I'll improve it for my Blog Readers. Mention Promo Code:  IDClip  when you email me to order to receive the special Blog Price. EMAIL:  integritydes @ gmail dot com

Special Blog Sale
Base Unit was $63.50       Blog Special Now  $44.95
(swivel clips, labels incl)
Upper Tier Reg $34.50              Blog Special   $22.95
(swivel clips labels incl)

Storage Cover  Reg $24.75      Blog Special  $15.95

Blog Special: Buy a Clip it up Base  receive Free Storage Cover  (Value $24.75).  

Purchase Clip it up Base and Upper Tier, Receive Free Storage Cover, Bag of (25) Stainless steel Swivel Clips (Value $8.45) and Package of 15 Tabs and DIY labels (value $4.99)

For those of you who use these swivel clips for other things.  I personally use them to hang cards and pages to dry, (away from my fingers, that always wants to touch and see if it's dry yet)  and they're nice to display your cards and pages.  If you just need the swivel clips, they will be 35% off ($5.49  per bag)

Embossing Folder and Small die storage..

There is nothing more frustrating for me, than knowing I have an Embossing folder in a specific design...and can't find it.  In the past I've stored them in 'boxes, trying to have index pictures in front (but, some companies don't give big index, I'd make one up, then it would get separated...and I'd be flipping through the 'box', and I couldn't see which design was which.  And they took up a lot of space.  
Now, My Embossing folders are close at hand, and they don't take up a lot of space....and I know where they are!

A few years ago, Provocraft /Cuttlebug, introduced a zippered storage case for Embossing folders and dies, (the storage inserts held dies/folders in various sizes, 2 x 2", 3x3", 2x6"...some of their dies were sold as sets, with embossing folder and dies, this held them all.  
I have a case, and I love it..for dies, and small provocraft combos of dies and embossing folders...I have too many embossing folders  to fit it.  Now, this is where the good stuff comes in...
Provocraft made storage Inserts that would fit into this 'case (It has rings like a binder. Here's a picture of the inside of a new one (I have one left in stock).  It also comes with a chain and tag for you to put your name in, but it isn't shown in my picture. The Case comes with a couple of inserts, (shown here is two slots for A2 size embossing folders, and 2  slots for Cuttlebug 2x5" dies, that comes with the case).  There are inserts available with for other sizes of dies and embossing folders as well.
The storage inserts are available in packages that hold A2 size embossing folders, OR 3x3" dies, or 2x2" dies, etc. (none available for 5x7" folders storage.

I have a Storage case, but too many embossing folders to fit in it, so I use it for storing my dies. 
A while ago, it dawned on me how to keep all my embossing folders together, in one place...and handy.  I've been using this system for the past 6 far, so good!

  I took the Storage Inserts for A2 embossing folders from ProvoCraft, and used binder rings to create a book of embossing folders. It is together, and I can keep it close by.  I've got it in Themes' like I do with my Rubber stamps.  Here is one of my Embossing folder's nice having them handy.
Here is one that is on my table closed.  it only is 8 x 11 inches in size.  The round large rings work well, but I I like the D-rings better. and I am going to go to the local Staples or Walmart, etc and get some more.....(I think I should really have bought shares in D-ring binder rings, ...and magnetic tape, lol)
Here's a picture of it open.  The inserts from Cuttlebug hold several dies/folders on each side. Front and Back!   I have 8 embossing folders on each page...and they're staggered in placement to they aren't as thick as they would be otherwise.  

Below you will see a better picture of how the inserts will hold a set of four embossing folders on (on each side), (I like that for sets, etc.  They stagger their placement, so you can see what it is, and, they don't sit on top of each other causing it to be thicker.  

I  have said how much I like the storage inserts , and I'm glad I thought of using the A2 inserts separately for embossing folders.   
I still use the ProvoCraft Storage case, for things I want to keep safe and zippered up.

I store my ProvoCraft  Card Making Combo's (on your left) These sets consist of an A2 size Embossing folder, and several dies that coordinate with the theme..Friends, Happy Birthday, Baby, Love, etc.  (they are still available) (if you are interested in seeing them you can email me at the email address in the sidebar.

It's nice when I can store any sets of small coordinating                                                            embossing folder/die together
This particular picture shows the Texture Hearts, from Cuttlebug,Consists of a heart die, and four coordinating embossing folders.  

My Cuttlebug dies are in my zippered case, as well as some  of my border embossing folder that are thin, and I'm afraid to lose them..
I have the ProvoCraft Storage inserts in stock.  as well as the case.  They can be seen in Storage solutions section of my online catalog  

                                                 Special Price for Blog Readers
If you want to organize your embossing folders, using these inserts, OR your dies, using the various Inserts that have different size pockets.  Limited Time offer for Blog Readers Only!

    When you email your order to me, mention this Blog special to get the special price.!  
Reg Price $7.45.  Blog Special $4.75  per package of Inserts
There are Two inserts in each package, and both sides can be used.  
Here is the link to the page in my Storage section of the online catalog where they are located,for more information.  (click on thumbnail image and description will appear)

I hope I was able to give you some new ideas to help organize and store your embossing folders.  

Now  I need to start Cleaning out the Shop, to make room for new products that will be coming in. ..(The Mini Crazy Birds and Things framelits (Sizzix/Tim Holtz) and Mini Crazy Birds and things stamp set from Stampers Anonymous will be arriving shortly.(they are too cute!!
Also arriving will be the Crazy Cats Dies and Crazy Cats stamp set. I've added to my order from the supplier a few times, as more people are ordering them, so if you are interested in having your own set, email me so I can get your order in before they're sold out. 

Thank you for visiting,  I hope you enjoyed the post.  
I will be getting the Distress Crayons in, as soon as they are available, and I will play with them and post what I've learned.
Have a great week.
You can place an order by emailing us. (email address is in sidebar)

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