Monday, January 21, 2008

Clip It Up Storage System Draw Winner

Finally, I found a Storage System for my rubber stamping, scrapbooking and paper crafting supplies that really works! 'Clip it Up' Storage System. It stores everything from Stickers, ribbons, brads to templates and stencils -all in one place, within reach!
It takes up only 12" (round) space and uses the vertical space that usually is wasted. It can be set on a table or in a closet, out of the way. I can't believe how much it holds! I emptied all of the drawers and containers I had full, and I still have room for more! Labels and clips are included. It has a sturdy frame that supports a metal ring which spins easily to bring items within reach. Items are held by easy to use metal swivel clips. Each clip can hold several items up to 12" x 12". It's handle and light weigh makes it portable.
Also Available is an Upper Tier, that spins independently. The upper tier works great for bulkier items.
I use the Storage Envelopes on the Upper Tier, to hold my brads, eyelets and small embellishments. It's great having everything in one place! I used to have my brads and eyelets in one drawer, ribbons in another, stencils and templates somewhere else, etc! The Storage Envelopes come in two sizes, perfect for holding all those little things that are usually falling all over the place. I put each type of brad and eyelet into a small zip-lock style bag, then into the Storage Envelope....Christmas brads in one envelope, small ones in another, etc. You can slightly see through the envelope so you know what's in each one.

A Storage Cover is available separately. Easy to slip off and on, with a drawstring with 'lock' on both ends, it fits the base unit, and is also large enough to fit the base with the upper tier attached. It protects your supplies from dust, sunlight and weather, when taking your supplies to a crop!

I had a blast putting my supplies on it! While I was doing it, I found so many items that I forgot I had! They were tucked here and there all over the place! I found small items that were hidden out of sight under larger items in drawers......Of course, out of sight, out of mind as the old saying goes.
Now that I can see some of those great embellishments that I've collected over the years, I'm sure I'll use them more....I'm such a 'pack rat'....I hate to throw anything out..You never know when something will come in handy!

In the past, I've bought various types of storage systems and containers, and after a month or so, realized that it 'didn't work' and I ended up disappointed and with a lighter pocket book!

I heard about the Clip It Up in the Fall 2007 from a stamping friend. She had bought a 'Clip It Up' storage system and loved it! She told me that for the first time she'd found a storage system that "worked". She was talked into buying it by another friend and had used it for a month and was still happy! ...She was more than happy, she was raving about it and told me I should get one. Once I tried it, I knew I had found a 'winner' and brought them in to sell.

In December-January we had a 'Clip It Up Promotion': Purchase the Clip It Up Base and Upper Tier, Receive a Storage Cover Free! Purchase the Base or Upper Tier, Receive the Storage Cover at Half Price! Purchase two Packages of Storage Envelopes and your name was entered in a Draw for the Storage Cover.
The winner's name was drawn January 20th. The Lucky Winner was Nancy Scott From Edmonton, Alberta. Congratulations Nancy!

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