Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ProvoCraft Cuttlebug Cards

I've been panicking! For the past couple of days I couldn't find the pictures I'd taken of my Christmas cards made with the Cuttlebug embossing folder. Of course they were mailed out, so I couldn't take more pictures! I've had my mind on so many things lately...but, I finally found them, so I'm going to show a few here.

It's amazing how just changing the paper used can change the whole 'feeling' of the card! From Elegant to Casual, just by slipping different paper into the Embossing folder! ProvoCraft will be releasing their new Embossing folders this month, so I decided to show a few cards done with the same Snowflake Embossing folder.
I had some Silver Metallic card stock that didn't look very 'shiny'. In fact I wasn't happy with the looks of it at all. It didn't have any shine...looked very dull. I thought that perhaps if I ran it through the Cuttlebug, the embossed snowflakes would improve the looks of it. Wow! I had a pleasant surprise! It came out looking like metal! The recipients of cards done this way have all emailed me asking where I got the silver metal! I love the snowflake stamps used on the card! I must have 50 snowflake stamps, but these are my favorites! They are made by Innovative Stamp Creations. I love the fact that they are so detailed, and appear so fragile, just like the 'real thing'.

Using Radiance Text weight Paper, in Burnished Gold gave an elegant look to this card. Of course, pictures never catch the beauty of specialty papers! I love the Verse on the front, it is from Digital Princess Designs.
I have some beautiful Iridescent papers that i love to use and they are beautiful when embossed! Normally they would be too thin to 'hand emboss' with a stylus without tearing the paper, but with the Cuttlebug embossing folders they work beautifully! I love how they look when embossed!
If you are interested in finding out more or purchasing any of the papers I used, feel free to email me.

With spending so much time helping Mom before Christmas, I was very lucky to have discovered the Embossing folders, as they certainly made things much quicker. Another Product that I discovered this past autumn that made adding metallic accents to my cards much quicker is Metallic Border Line Tape from 'Stix 2'. It is a roll of metallic trims in 3 widths (on the roll) available in Silver and Gold. The borders are on a liner, so you just cut off the length you need, (I used the height of the card plus a bit). Then just peel off the width you'd like to use and put it in place....Done!. There are 2 strips each of three widths, so you only have to cut once, and then just peel them off. I know it doesn't take much time to cut a piece of tape, but, when you are trying to get done quickly to get cards out for Christmas, every minute helps, lol.

Here is a Card done using the three widths of the Gold Borderline tape. The Joy to the World Stamp is made by Digital Princess Designs and of course, There's my favorite snowflakes again, lol...they pop up everywhere during the Winter season, whether in a scrapbook or cards, I just love them...
I especially like using them on dark cardstock, using white pigment ink and Ranger's Adirondack Frosted Crystal Embossing powder. It actually shines like a window etched with frost! Gives a lovely texture and looks like frost when the light card is moved.
I didn't have any gold star brads, so used Ranger's Metallic Mixative to color the brads Gold. Sometimes I find the mixative gives the brad a Matte finish, and then I'll touch it up with Marvy Metallic paint pens.

Here is a card I did using a stamp from Third Coast Rubber Stamps. It is one of a set of stamps for holidays seasons. The other stamps is a cute Victorian looking Easter Stamp, with a lovely bunny and Easter Greetings. For this card I used Glossy cardstock, embossed with silver. For some reason, the silver ink was on the tree image, but the embossing powder didn't want to stick in all the places it should have stuck. I was going to 'chuck it'...(actually I never chuck anything, I save all of my 'boo-boo' cards for another time, surely I'll find some way to 'fix them'. It sat on the table for a couple of evenings while I worked on other cards and it hit me! Lightly sponge a dye ink on the tree, and see what happens...couldn't ruin it!...I was quite happy with the results. It had the casual feel I was looking for. On this card I used the adhesive Gold Borderline tape from Stix2 again. I love using these border tapes, no fiddling with adhesive....what can I say....I'm basically lazy and would rather be stamping than fiddling with a glue pen.

I had the same 'problem' with another of other images with that stamp and glossy cardstock. I did the same thing with the Green Dye ink and this time used the wide brushed Gold Border tape from Stix2. I think it looks a little more 'elegant' with the brushed gold tape.

I thought the gold 3 dimensional brad would add a little shine, and compliment the Brushed Gold border tape.
Provocraft will be releasing their new Embossing folders, dies and 'Combo's' later this month. Combo's are something new, they emboss and cut! They have all kinds of different shapes and images. I like the Butterflies, Textile hearts, build a flower and frames. These die cut and give embossed detail! I love the frames as well. Heck, I like them all!
To order (pre-order) the ones you'd like, so you are not disappointed, you may email me, and I'll send you more information as to prices, etc.
All of the dies, Combos and Embossing folders for the Cuttlebug machine can be seen at Provocraft's website.
The link is below:
Off the stamping topic, my Mom was discharged home (to our home) on Friday. There was a bed shortage at the hospital, so she had to be discharged. The Palliative Care doctor was consulted and saw her the day before she was discharged. Since the Palliative care doctor has gotten involved, I've had a lot of support from both Home Care and Palliative care. Yesterday Home care telephoned to see how we were doing, and the timing was perfect. Mom's family doctor forgot to write a prescription for pain killers. Yesterday morning she was in agony, and I was going to call someone, but wasn't sure who to call, as it was a Saturday morning...all offices were closed. Poor Mom could hardly walk, and I was trying to get her to the washroom and we were having problems when the phone rang....Perfect timing, it was the home care nurse. When I told her about our problem, she immediately offered to phone Palliative care, and have the doctor on call for the weekend send a prescription to our drugstore!...
Once mom's pain had eased up, she had a little less difficulty walking. It took a couple of doses, but finally she got relief.
She loves our little dogs Angel and Isaac. Isaac is 'grandma's boy' and he has been glued to her side since she came home. He's on her lap when she's sitting in the chair, and sleeps with her at night. When she starts to stir at night, he comes and wakes me up, (I'm sleeping on the couch). When we moved to Medicine Hat and downsized, (I was tired of cleaning a large house), we built a two bedroom home (with a third one downstairs). I decided that we'd turn one bedroom upstairs into an office / sewing room. Whenever Mom stays here, I sleep on the couch and Gord sleeps in the basement bedroom which is also my 'stock room' for our shop. When you stay at our home, you sleep with Cases of EZ mount, Cardstock, rubber stamps, etc. My stamping friends love it, and our family jokes about it....You walk in and back out, lol

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