Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mom's health update

I haven't posted for a while, as Mom has taken a turn for the worse. She is declining more rapidly than we thought. I went to see her at the hospital last evening, and stopped in the washroom in the lobby. It suddenly hit me...My Gosh how things can change in only a short period of time. 6 weeks ago we had taken her to the hospital for the CT scan of her brain. The Radiologist was trying to contact her family doctor and didn't want us to leave the hospital. We took her for lunch at Tim Horton's (which is located in the hospital) and I took her to the washroom in the lobby.
That short time ago she was walking, talking and just her 'normal' self! Last evening she could just mumble, trying to tell us something, but she's so weak that her words are almost inaudible. When I put my ear close, with great difficulty I could understand what she was trying to say. She became frustrated with herself, and started to cry. This brought back memories of my dear Mother in Law, who was going through the same thing 1 1/2 years ago. We know life is short, we know we are going to lose our parents some day...but....
I'm very blessed that both with My Mom, and my Dear Mother-in-law, (who was like a second mother to me) we had some warning, and are able to spend the last days, knowing that the remaining time with them will not be long. My heart goes out to those children (and we all are our parents children, no matter what our age) who don't get any warning before losing their parents. Our mothers /fathers were always the strong ones, that took care of all of the problems that life dealt as we were growing up....This is one problem they can't 'fix'...
We took Isaac, (mom's furry grandson) up to the hospital last evening to see her. (We were informed that for very sick patients family can bring up their special companions)
He was so happy to see her, and I don't think we could have done anything that would have made her happier. He laid on the quilt on the bed, cuddled as close as he could be, and she stroked him for 2 hours. She didn't want him to leave, (I don't think the nurses would be too impressed if we'd left a dog there, Grin)...but with much persuasion we convinced her he had to go to the bathroom, but would bring him back.
When she was living here, with us the since she was sick, Isaac was at her side constantly; either lying on her lap when she was in the chair, or lying beside her, snuggled as close as he could be, in the bed. When she went to the washroom, he walked beside her (which was rather scary at times as she needed assistance from us, and used a walker. The bathroom was a very full place when she needed to go.
The doctors said that she had perhaps 1-2 weeks left, but after seeing how weak she was last night, I'm thinking that perhaps we'll have a week left with her. I'm hoping that the Lord sees fit to take her before she suffers much longer. She's having severe pain that just started yesterday. I'm hoping that the pain medication will help enough to make her final days comfortable.

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