Saturday, March 15, 2008

ATG Adhesive Applicator- tip

One thing that can drive me crazy when I'm glueing is 'glue / adhesive 'threadies!' Especially when you can't get the off the edge of the cardstock. It almost never fails that I think all the edges are clean, then, when I get the card/project together, the edge of the cardstock is sticky with adhesive remnants.
I've found a couple of tips that work well for me, when I'm using the ATG glue applicator and adhesive. I was told to start 'off the page' when using the applicator and to end 'off the page'. That does work well, the ATG adhesive does rub off the edge of the cardstock easily, using your finger.
But, there are times you would like to start and end the adhesive application in the middle of a page. I found by playing around that there is a way to 'cut' the end of the adhesive so it ends on the paper and you don't have 'Glue Threadies' where you don't want them.
I've found that when you reach the spot where you want to end the adhesive application, if you press down on the 'ATG gun', and run it back, along the line of adhesive you have just laid, about 1/4"-1/2" while pressing down, then lift up, the 'threadies' seem to stick to the glue you have just laid.
I hope this tip helps anyone else who has a problem with threads of adhesive on their work.
Have wonderful day, and I hope this tip helps!

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