Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've been buried in Cuttlebug Embossing folders and dies!

Sorry for not posting sooner! I thought I'd get something on here a few days ago, telling everyone what great new products came in, then I was swamped! I had 5 large orders arrive in two days! I received the new Provo craft Cuttlebug 'September launch' embossing folders and was told that it would take another month before the holiday and Christmas Folders and dies would arrive..:( I was soooo sad. Then, less than 3 hours later the dear gal at the distributor that I deal with emailed me with that news...they were going to arrive there the next day! Yipee!! Within 3 days i had them here! boxes and Boxes of Cuttlebug dies and embossing folders! Yes, I know, you're thinking I was having fun..well, yes, but not in the way that I wish...I wanted to play but had not time, as I was still unpacking the other orders that had arrived days earlier (I had a lot of orders to fill and customers to contact) But, the last of it all is done, (well, almost) and I'm going to be putting the new Cuttlebug and Spellbinder items in the online Catalogue and then I can play!
I've had to re-order more of each companies (Provo Craft and Spellbinders) products and they will arrive in a couple of days, so I'd better 'play fast' I'm soooo looking forward to this (playing with them)
Right after the first couple of orders arrived, we went on a fishing trip and spent a few days sitting at the side of a lake (gosh to me that is the perfect holiday...almost perfect, as we don't have power when we park by the lake, and I forgot my butane heat gun at home)..it Could have been perfect if I wasn't so forgetful. With the water lapping on the shore...pelicans swimming by...and stamping, now that is the life! Oh, yes, the fish were biting as well!

I found something to help with a small issue I've been having with Spellbinders embossing dies (Nestabilities, etc). When I lay the die down, cover with card stock, everything is perfectly placed...just where I want it. Then, I cover with the acrylic plate, put it through my Big Shot or Cuttlebug and when I get it out of the other side......It's moved, ever so slightly, but I've ended up with a' cock-eyed' oval! It has shifted... ever so slightly, but it has, and now my oval isn't sitting straight...it is crooked, waaaah!
I tried using those magnetic business cards that Real Estate agents give out....(who puts them on their refrigerator anyway???..). These were a little too thick, and I don't want another 'dead bug' on my hands....I saw that Spellbinders makes a 'magnetic placement mat' for use with the Wizard, so figured I'd try it...It worked! You have to still be careful about the thickness of the card stock, etc that you put through because you have the extra thickness of the magnetic mat, but it worked great! It's not as thick as the magnetic business cards and it is bigger. It is larger than the largest Nestabilities die, so the dies lay on the mat nicely and your card stock lays on top of the die....I moved it around, put it through the Big Shot.....never moved! Not even a Smidge! I'm sold! I ordered more in for my stamping friends/customers!

More good news! The new colors of the Bind it All Double O-wires arrived! Antique Brass (oh, so very classy and elegant looking) Pastel Pink and Baby Blue...Very Nice!

...did you hear there is a New, Version 2.0 of the Bind- It-All? It is Pink (Also a new, pink Dreamkutz) But what's important is the improvements they've made on the Bind-It-All!

The Bind It All Version 2.0 now has a wider channel, meaning it will punch through thicker covers. (according to Zutter, it has a 35% wide channel) Along with punching thicker materials, including more sheets of card stock at a time, it can now punch fabric covered chipboard! That offers a lot of interesting possibilities!.
Another improvement made is the Extension Paper Guide Bar known as 'The Bar' is housed inside the machine and once engaged and locked in place can set accurate measurements for accurate repeat punching for projects up to 12" wide!

Also new, is the Extension Paper Guide Plate (Known as 'the plate') which is a removable plate that attaches to the bar. This plate allows you to set measurements for repeat punching projects narrower than 4" with a minimum 1"
These two improvements allow us to re-punch accurately without re-measuring! I don't know about you, but to me this is great! I hate remeasuring, and find that I always mess up at least one measurement...very frustrating!
Zutter also includes an instruction manual and DVD.
All in all, I think that these are great improvements that will prove to same time and prevent errors in hole placement.
Of course Zutter has introduced other new products that look pretty good....I'll get into those later.
One more exciting piece of news!! The Round it All has finally arrived in Canada! This is the punch put out by Zutter that will cut through thick chipboard, acrylic (covers for journals/ albums made by Zutter) as well as tin! This punch is available in two sizes, 1/2" (for larger covers and pages) and the 1/4" punch, (for smaller covers). We've been waiting for this for quite some time and I'm sure glad it has finally arrived! Sure will beat trying to saw and sand corners!

I'd better quit for now and get this posted before something comes up and I'll have to save this for posting later. That seems to happen often! Many postings have been saved, then it was 'old news' before I could post it and the post ended up deleted!

Thanks for visiting!
Back to putting away all the new goodies that have arrived in the past week after i get them online in my website catalogue: http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a273/integritydesigns/

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