Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Using the Spellbinder Nestabilites Embossing dies with the Cuttlebug machine

I got up early this morning to enjoy the beautiful sunrise, and Mother Nature didn't disappoint me! it was gorgeous! Lots of pinks, and shades of blue. I sure wish I could capture this in a photo. It seems no matter how lovely the picture, it still doesn't compare to the 'real thing'. Just like metallic and Stardream cardstock in the scanner, or in photos...just doesn't capture the beauty of real life.
I've taken so many pictures of my handmade papers from Thailand, and various specialty cardstocks like StarDreams and Mica Glimmers Card stock..to put online, in my website's online catalog ...The pictures look terrible, yet in real life it's gorgeous! Some things we just can't capture.

This morning I had an email from a stamping friend, asking me about using the Spellbinders Tan embossing mat and Magnetic placement mat in the Cuttlebug when embossing, with the Spellbinders Nestabilites embossing dies.
I have to admit, I've been using my Big Shot, not my Cuttlebug lately, so I went downstairs to give it a try to see what kind of sandwich would work the best. I was very pleased with the results! I didn't need to put a cardstock 'shim' in....
Here's the sandwich recipe (from Bottom Up)

Spellbinders / Cuttlebug Embossing sandwich
'A' Cuttlebug Spacer plate
Spellbinder Magnetic placement mat
Spellbinder die, (ridge side up)
2 layers Spellbinder Tan embossing mat
'B ' Cuttlebug plate ***NOTE-See below

NOTE:I also tried using the 'C' Cuttlebug Adapter plate! it is a little bit thicker, and I found I got a better image (deeper image)
I then tried spraying with Paper Glide, and I must say, it improved the depth of embossing as well.
My concern was, with adding the second layer of Tan embossing mat, and the magnetic placement mat, that it would be too thick, and there would be a chance of breaking the 'B' or 'C' plate...Not not to worry!! If you are embossing heavier weight card stock, or hand made papers, use the 'B' plate, as it is slightly thinner.

Don't forget, Cutting and Embossing with Spellbinders Embossing dies is a two step process. First, lay your acrylic plates on top of your cardstock (using the appropriate sandwich recipe) and put through your die cutting/embossing machine...Then, take off top acrylic plates, put in Spellbinders Tan Embossing mats (follow embossing sandwich recipe) and run through.
Several people have thought that it was a one step process, cut and emboss with one pass through your machine...This won't work. If you put your Tan Embossing mat into your sandwich, you've added a 'squishy' layer, so your die won't cut successfully. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Spellbinder dies, they have a 'ridge' on the top, which does the 'cutting'....this ridge is not sharp at all! The paper is cut by the amount of pressure that is exerted on the ridge and cardstock. If you add a squishy layer, there isn't as much pressure exerted, so...no cut! (well, at least not one that you'll be happy with)

I hope this information is helpful...and if you have any questions about sandwich recipes, please let me know!! I'll do my best to answer them
Have a great day! Enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer now, as soon the ground will be covered in white stuff, and the gorgeous fall colors will be a distant memory...sigh

I'm going to be out of touch and will be offline for a few days. I will be available on Saturday.
Have a great week
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thanks for the receipe Elaine..I will remember where to look now when I have forgot.