Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Not to do when you can't sleep -Bring out your Cuttlebug/Big Shot & Bind it All

The answer...Pull out your Big Shot / Cuttlebug and Bind it All, and start playing....You will not get tired and feel like going back to bed!
But, you can sure make insomnia a better experience...

I fell asleep early on the couch last evening, so of course, woke up at 2:30, wide awake.
I decided that it was time to play some more with my Bind it All and new Clear Acrylic covers. Well, they aren't new, but I have a hard time keeping them in stock very long, so I haven't had a chance to play with them much.

Since the new 'Round it All' punches came in a few days ago, I had to give it a try. Only the pink, 1/2" size came in.(for larger pages/covers), the others will arrive soon....I hope.
For a 'little' tool, that baby is strong! It rounded the corners of the acrylic covers like 'nobody's business!' Like the Bind it all, It has a Life Time Warranty....Gee, I like that phrase...I see it so seldom lately...

Speaking of the Bind it All, I've had a few people ask me how to make the finished coils 'round', instead of rather distorted and pointed where the 'ends' meet. I found that if I depress the handle slowly, watching the coils close, I can stop closing them when I see they are at the point I want them at. This way they won't 'over-close' and get distorted and pointy. I've found that they almost get a 'triangle' shape if they 'over close'...Does that make sense?

With larger books and journals, I've found that when I bound (closed the coils) in sections on a longer project, the coils weren't always closed quite the same...some areas a little tighter than others. I guess the amount of pressure I exert varies...(I didn't think it did).
I found a solution for that. I partially close one section, (about half way), then move to the next section, partially close it, and continue to the end of the journal/book. I then go back and finish them, closing all the way, along the length of the coil. That works for me, the coils are evenly closed and the 'rings' are exactly the same size (not squished tighter ) the entire length of the binding!

I sure love the new Coil Colors that arrived a few weeks ago. The Antique Brass is gorgeous! I was always a fan of the Brown coils, but....I've added the Antique brass to my 'favorite list'. The Pastel Pink and Baby Blue are such lovely soft colors..these two colors have been very popular with gals who are Mom's and Grandma's to babies and young children...what better color to bind your mini album /brag book in...I'm almost sold out of these already (blue and pink...I'll get more in, in about two weeks.

I'm going to be placing an order with Paper Craft Source, in about 2 days. Take a look at their wish list website to view thousands of products.....they have some great New Halloween papers, embellishments, ribbons, chipboard, etc.... Go to 'New Products' to see this years 'new' Halloween ...but don't forget, you will also find great items in Haloween 2007...Check out that link as well
If you want to take a look, you'd better pour a cup of coffee or tea, it will take you a while (a long while) view all the items at their site. You can email me for pricing information, and to have me place an order for you.

Betsy, at Innovative Stamp Creations has done it again!! More great new Stamps and stamp sheets. She is also making large 'background' stamps that are available individually, rather than in a stamp sheet. Check out her site, she has great stamp images, but also has great Projects and instructions. Please check out her site...(and pour yourself another cup of coffee or tea) there's lots to see. I'm sold out of several of her stamp sheets, so will be ordering. If there is a stamp or stamp image you are interested in having me order for you, please contact me
Have a great day!

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