Sunday, October 26, 2008

Many New things coming- Shimmerz Paints

I wanted to post this information 2 days ago...I'm terribly sorry. As usual, should promise anything, as 'life' has other plans.

....Have you heard all the 'buzz' in the groups, or seen the gorgeous Shimmerz paints used in projects in blogs and online tutorials? I have to admit, I've been so busy this summer, that haven't had a chance to 'blog surf', and keep up with many of my groups, other than to read the digests...I've been relying on my stamping friends and customers who email me and tell me about great new products that they find online and would like to see me bring to Canada, to make available to Canadian Stampers and Paper Crafters.....

About a month ago I heard about a popular new paint that was hitting the US market..and thought I'd better check this one out....After I checked out blogs, and websites, I was 'wowed'.
I can see why this great new paint that is taking American 'Shimmer lovers' by storm!.....
Users are raving about the colors, the shimmer, and the versatility.......I talked with Melissa from The Rubber Cafe on Thanksgiving day. She told me that Shimmerz paints were fantastic, the shimmery-est, as well as easy to apply, with a paint brush or water brush...She also told me that they are almost impossible to keep in stock! As soon as a shipment arrives, it's sold out!! Crafters that buy a couple of colors- come back and buy more! (that indicates to me it must be good, or customers certainly wouldn't come back for more of a bad product!)

Those of you that know me. know that if it Shimmerz, Glitterz, or Shinez. I'll like it.......I love shiny things (I think I was a crow in my past life). If you know me, you will also know that if I'm sure it is a great product and only available in the USA, to American paper crafters & stampers...I'll do my darndest to bring it to Canada, and make it available here for Canadians! Gord said that I become 'obsessed' when I think there is something 'great' out there, and it can't be purchased in Canada.....I don't know about 'obsessed'....but I'll do everything I can to bring a product into Canada if it is a great one, and I think it's 'worth it'...

So, Shimmerz Paints will be coming to Medicine Hat, Alberta,Canada...of course, you can order by email, and don't have to come to Medicine Hat!
Shimmerz paints have 35 colors! They are pre-mixed (no fooling around re-constituting, and making sure you have the 'recipe' right) water based and non toxic. The Best part, (at least in my opinion, anyway) well as being able to apply it to cardstock and paper, will also dry on glossy, non-porous surfaces...This means we can also apply it to glass, metal, acetate, acrylic art pieces, glossy cardstock and more!!!

I'm thinking Christmas Ornaments, un catchers and jewelry, as well as embellishments to our cards and journals! As you can see, I'm really 'pumped' about this paint, and am planning what I'm going to be doing with them!....My ideas for Christmas cards have taken a 'slight turn'....Now, I'm thinking...Cuttlebug backgrounds, highlighted with the Shimmerz Paints for some of them.....oooh, I can't wait....And I have some wonderful acrylic pieces, that are crying to be stamped and painted with Shimmerz....attached to a card...Remove from card and you have 'Instant gift'! Tree ornament or Sun Catcher and Christmas card all in one!....

I had planned to place the order Oct 26...but with life's interferences, I didn't get this post up, and I didn't get the Shimmerz Paints and other new items into my online catalog Integrity Designs Online Catalog The color chart and information is online now. I'm going to hold off on my order until Oct 28 to give everyone time to get their color choices to me.
After hearing that the paints sell out so quickly, I've decided make sure that everyone has the opportunity to order the colors they want. To make sure your order is filled first, and there is no chance of running out of a color that you'd like, contact me...I'll put your name on your color choices! After 'pre-orders' are filled.....I'll fill new orders.
This will be the first time that Shimmerz Paints will be sold in Canada, and I want to make sure everyone gets their choice!

You can email me with your order, and I'll make sure you get your color choices.
HINT: 'Butter Cream' Shimmerz Paint, applied over market colors, will create your own unique 'Shimmerz Paint' color....

While I was 'checking out' the paints, I found out something interesting, and impressive... I was told that every jar of Shimmerz Paints is made up at time of shipping. Stacey told me that they mix up the paints as the orders come in, so they always go out fresh! That impresses me. I know that what I bring to Canada hasn't been sitting on the warehouse shelf for months or years!!
Check out Shimmerz Paints Blog to learn more about them:

With the Canadian dollar dropping daily, I've figured out the price on the paints, as of today's exchange rate....I will not be changing the price for this order, even if it continues to drop. (lets hope it doesn't)...

Of course, if the Canadian Dollar gets better, the prices get better....lets think gooood thoughts!, ...sheesh, I placed an order from Innovative Stamp Creations yesterday, and paid with PayPal and I paid exchange rate of .26 cents on the US dollar...boy did that hurt!

If you have any questions about the Shimmerz products that aren't answered in the online catalog, or if you have problems viewing any of the pages, please email me.
Check out The Rubber Cafe's New Website! They have a huge selection of stamps!
I'll be placing an order with them in the near future.
We've got so many new products in stock during the past week, that I'll have to post separately, I've run out of time!
Have a great day, and thank you for visiting

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