Saturday, November 1, 2008

Additional Shimmerz Paint information

It's been a hectic week, but I have some information that I want to make sure you are aware of about the Shimmerz Paints. I had been told by various people about this 'new' paint...well, it was 'New' to them. A friend asked me if it was the same 'Shimmerz' that she received in a gift basket a number of years ago. I contacted Stacey from Shimmerz paints and apparently, it was distributed through PSX, many years ago......So, some of us 'oldies' may remember it, but it is new to 'younger' stampers (and I don't mean in age, but years stamping), if you are 91 years old, and have only been stamping a fairly short time, say, a year or so, consider yourself young!!! I personally hadn't heard of Shimmerz Paints before because, before moving to Medicine Hat, Alberta I lived in Regina, Saskatchewan. When I started stamping there wasn't a stamp store in or near Regina that carried new and innovative products. Once or twice a year we'd go to Edmonton, Alberta and I'd 'shop my brains out' at Western Educational Supplies! '.... but I don't remember seeing Shimmerz it is new to me too!

There are a few points I want to make clear about the Shimmerz Paints.
Number One, when I said it will dry on glossy surfaces such as glass, I didn't mean it would be permanent. It is a water based product, so, if it gets water spritzed on it, or gets wet, it probably will run.
It also isn't an opaque product, but because it is "somewhat translucent" you can color over markers it. Going over your marker colors with 'Butter cream' will create your own shimmering colors using the color of the marker color underneath. When applied to acetate or glass, it will leave a color 'wash' (my words) that is shimmery, but you will be able to see through it, similar to stained glass. "It was designed to be used by itself, over other coloring mediums, over other mediums, etc"

When working with Glass or Acetate, it will be a transparent, not opaque color, with shimmer. Stacey, from Shimmerz told me the technique that she likes to use with acetate, and I can't wait to try it. Here are her instructions :
"On acetate I drop it on the back using 3 different colors. Then I swirl it like frosting to mix the colors and cover the surface. Just don't swirl too much, or it will look muddy. It will take some time to dry, because I put it on pretty thick. Once dry turn it over to reveal amazing color and shimmer. Make sure to adhere to some kind of card stock so the Shimmerz won't peel off. It absolutely gorgeous."

I'm looking forward to the order's arrival so I can play with it, and just in time for the holidays.
There's been a lot of interest expressed in the ready to use Shimmerz paints, and they're being reserved quickly. Don't be disappointed. Contact me to reserve your choice of Shimmerz paints. I'm not sure when they'll arrive, as it depends on how many orders are 'in front of' mine.
The Color chart and ordering information can be found on the Main page and the 'Coming Soon' are of my Online Catalog.
For ideas and projects using Shimmerz paints, visit Shimmerz paints at:
I hope you had a great Halloween! It was a gorgeous evening here in Medicine Hat, which is located in Southern Alberta. It was wonderful to see all the kids out in their costumes, and having a ball! Most years they have to put their parka's on top of their costumes. This is disappointing to them, as no one can see the costume they're so proud of! We had more children come to our door 'trick or treating' than in the last two years combined.....we almost ran out of Candy! Of course, I caught Gord with his mouth full of candy a few times! he tried to hide it, trying to talk with a mouth full gave him away every time, lol.
Have a great weekend!
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SherylH said...

Hi Elaine, Just reading your comments on the "new" Shimmerz paint. I have been wondering how these differ from the Twinkling H20s -- are they similar and just made by a different manufacturer? Mind you, I don't have the Twinks as I am trying to make at least an attempt to use my many Radiant Pearls!