Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spellbinder New Releases are here!

Sorry I didn't get to this sooner, I've been unpacking the new Spellbinders embossing dies that arrived a few days ago. They're gorgeous! They looked great in the promotional pictures that were released, but more gorgeous in person!. I guess I wasn't paying attention.. The pictures that we saw of the Petite Borders included a heart, and an oval, with the motif of each inside...I didn't think anything of it, but, when they arrived, those are two extra embossing dies that are included with the borders...I'm a little slow on the draw, I guess! So, when you get your Petite Borders, you will also get two 'medallions' to coordinate with the pattern on the border. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't 'get it', was a nice surprise, like an extra little gift that I wasn't expecting. Unfortunately, the Peirceabilites didn't arrive, along with the Large Labels and Small Labels. I'm not sure if they didn't arrive at the Canadian suppliers, or if they ran out...But, it seems that's always the way it goes. I've been busy sending out orders, and do have some left, I'm expecting another shipment from a different supplier, so there will be more on their way this week.

The Chocolate Box Core'dinatioins card stock is back in stock! I didn't get my whole order, so sold out right away, but they're here now. This card stock (12") has a nice canvas texture, with one side a yummy Chocolate brown, and the other side, including the core of the card stock is in another color. When you wrinkle, sand, distress, or tear the card stock, you will reveal the gorgeous color underneath the Brown 'top' color. These are the same as the Black Magic Core'dinations Card stock, except, the top color is a yummy Chocolate color! What I particularly like about this card stock, is because of it's large size, you will have enough left to use as a mat, (reverse side) that will match the color of the areas you've distressed...perfect match!

Shimmerz Paints....
Sheryl H, asked what the difference was between Twinkling H2O's, and the Shimmerz paints. Well, I'm not a chemist, but I can tell you that the difference that I can see. Shimmerz paints are ready to mixing, adding water, etc. No waiting til they dry good, to close the lid and put them away, for fear of mold. They remind me a lot of the Radiant Pearls, they're so shimmery, but Radiant Pearls won't dry on anything non-porous, (that's why we could use an old CD as a palette, and it would stay wet for years. The Shimmerz paints will dry on non porous surfaces. it's not permanent (as I mentioned in an earlier post), but they will dry. You can apply them to acrylic art or glass pieces to make holiday ornaments and sun catchers. I would put them on thickly, so you don't end up with brush marks, yet you'll get the shimmerzy colors showing through your clear pieces. I can't wait to use these on my yearly Christmas ornament gifts that I give to my friends and grandchildren.

This time of year I like to attach a hand made Christmas 'ornament' to the front of my cards. When the recipient receives it, they can take the ornament off the card and place it on their Christmas tree. During the rest of the year, I'll attach personalized 'sun-catchers'. With it stamped or embossed with the recipients name, or date, it makes a perfect gift. (this is where I love using the 'Hot Boss Tool' melt embossing powder in various designs, or for a border of embossing...I don't know if you've ever tried applying embossing to acrylic art pieces (very thin acrylic pieces), but it can be frustrating. No matter how much static busting powder I put on, I still end up with flecks of EP that I have to remove...and they aren't always visible until you heat the piece to melt the powder. I have the greatest Detail brushes by Tinker that I use for removing those pesky little bits of powder, but it can be time consuming...(and anyone that knows me, knows I'm always in a hurry...I don't have patience to sit and fiddle with embossing powder flecks)...The Hot Boss Tool, made by Carolee's Creations comes with various tips. When the tool is heated, the only embossing powder that is melted is the powder it touches...So, to write a name, or put a border around the ornament of heated embossing powder, I apply the embossing powder with small spoon, then run the heated tip over the powder, it melts on contact....Tap off the excess powder, give it a quick 'blow' to remove any stray powder, and I'm done!!
Sometimes I'll back the ornament with Mirror Cardstock, or acetate to protect the back of the ornament, and I probably will do that when using the Shimmerz paints,to protect the paint from wear over the years.
I make my grandchildren an ornament every Christmas, with the year printed on the back. by the time they are grown, and ready to move out to go to university (I hope) or to do whatever they choose to do, they'll have ornaments for their own Christmast tree.

Shimmerz Blingz Limited Edition Colors

Speaking about Shimmerz Paints, When I placed the order a few weeks ago, I was unaware that there were some Limited Edition colors available. They're called 'Blingz' and consist of 5 colors, December Sky, Spiced Cider, Wintergreen, Pink Poinsettia and Gold Glimmer. I have to thank Connie for bringing that to my attention...she emailed and asked me why on earth didn't I order those 'wonderful Blingz' ...I have to admit, I was 'choked' that I didn't know they were available. But, they're too pretty to leave in the USA....We Need them here, right??? We don't want to feel left out'... I'll use any excuse...I Want them!!
I'm placing the order for the Limited Edition Blingz Colors, and any other Shimmerz Paint colors that I feel I'm going to run out of. I've been getting a lot of orders for the Shimmerz Paints that I've ordered, and feel I may run out before they get here...If there are any colors that you think you may have missed when you placed your order with me, or if you didn't place an order and would like to now, please email me and I'll make sure I order enough for everyone, with some to spare...of course! I'll be ordering on Monday evening. (November 17)

Well, I'm going to 'run' now, time to do some shopping. Other than to take packages to the postal outlet, I haven't left the house all week! I had 7-8 shipments arrive, and was unpacking them, and sending out pre-orders.....Time for a break! (Don't I know how to have a good time, lol...go grocery shopping) To find out more about the Shimmerz Paints, here's the link to their blogspot website
You can also view them at my Online Catalog I hope to get everything new uploaded this weekend. You can email me to place your order.
Have a great weekend!
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Connie Paxman said...

You go girl in unpacking all those boxes and getting our goodies to us..thank you so much for bringing in all these wonderful new products. Nice to have a Canadian Vendor.
connie paxman

Paper Propaganda said...

OH no... i've read two posts and i think my pockets just got emptied... do you have a store here in town?