Friday, November 21, 2008

Tim Holtz Christmas stamps

Hi everyone, I've been getting so many emails lately, asking if I carry Tim Holtz's Christmas stamps. Yes, Yes, Yes! lol. . Each stamp in the set are cut, mounted and ready to go! Just add ink-
I'm placing an order with my supplier on Thursday, that will give everyone time to place their order, as I don't have any left in stock at this time. To make sure you get yours in time to work on holiday projects, email me. Once I place the order it takes approximately 1- 1 1/2 weeks to have them arrive here. Of course, as usual, when you place a 'pre-order' your order will be shipped within 24-36 hours of their arrival. (depending on whether I can reach you by email to let you know they're here)
As the new version of FireFox doesn't seem to be displaying any 'photobucket' pictures very well, I'll put them here for those of you who have installed the new version. (boy am I glad that I hadn't installed it yet, or I wouldn't be able to see my own catalog...not a good situation.
These stamps are made of dense, deeply etched rubber, mounted on cling cushion and sell for $25.99. Here are pictures of the four new Christmas sets. Set one-Top image- Holiday Collections. Underneath that is Festive Sounds. Below you'll find the sets Letter to Santa (lower left) and Reindeer Flight, lower right. These sheets are 7 x 8.5" .

If you are interested in any of these sheets, please email me at:
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