Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Spellbinder product - Impressabilites

For the past couple of days I've been trying to figure out how to describe the new Spellbinder product, the Impressabilites. They will emboss and deboss....similar to embossing folders, but they aren't folders. You can put it through your die cutting machine, and cover the Complete front of an A2 Cardstock (that makes me happy!!, I found it rather annoying that the Cuttlebug folder wasn't a little bigger, so your whole front of an A2 card would be covered). or, you can cut pieces of this 'plate' apart, and emboss parts of it on your cardstock (such as an embossed area in the bottom corner, or top, etc of your card..). I read the descriptions from Spellbinders, but, I must be 'thick', because it still didn't tell me 'exactly what it looked like, and how it worked. It sounded great,but...
Yesterday, in one of the yahoo groups I belong to, someone posted a link to a video done on Youtube. showing how these babies work....Wow!!! I can see now, these are definitely going to be a great tool to have! (If you can call it a tool)......Instead of me trying to explain, I'm going to include the link to the youtube video done by Spellbinders. I think you are all going to be very impressed!
I put them in the online Catalog (photobucket), they can be found in 'Spellbinders New Releases'.
Here's the link to the video on Youtube. A picture certainly is worth one thousand words in this case.

I have some great new products in stock that arrived last week. I got 'pumped' with the new products that were being released, that I neglected to tell you about them. I'm very happy to have them in time for Valentines Day and your spring projects.....Clearsnap's Sparkle fibres, and new, Design Adhesives.
I brought a few packages of Sparkle Fibres in 'Black Ice' and '24 Carat' in last summer/fall, just to see what they were like, and they sold out immediately, and I've had gals asking for more, and in more colors. The name is rather a misnomer, as they aren't 'fibres' per se......they're little teeny, tiny 'slivers' of metallic shiny 'material'......I guess they are fibres, but when I (and many of my stamping friends, I've been told) think of fibres, I think of long 'strings of them'. They sparkle and Shine in gorgeous colors...Champagne, Black Ice, Lapis, Pink Grapefruit, and many more. These can be attached with any clear drying adhesive, or double sided adhesive.
I also brought in some Designer Adhesive, also from Clearsnap.. I saw these before Christmas and fell in love with them.....These are 'shapes' of double sided adhesive, for example, a holly border, Hawaiian Hibiscus, but, specially for this season, and Valentines day that will soon be here.....Dancing Hearts......They're pretty and yet kind of funky.....Of course these Design adhesives can be used to adhere Glitters, and powders, foils, gold leaf, whatever you'd like...
Just place the 'design adhesive strip on your card (or cut part of image, if you don't want the whole border on your project), lift off release paper, cover with your foils, glitter, or Sparkle Fibres.
There are four sheets of the same design per package. For more information, check out Clearsnap's website, or my Photo bucket site. I have to re-take the pictures of the sparkle fibres, so the pictures may not get there til later today of these. They will be under 'what's arrivals, or Embellishments. (My camera wasn't working properly, and I hope it was just a passing thing', and hopefully I'm not going to have troubles with it. Keep your fingers crossed that it works today. Another great thing about the Sparkle Fibres....they're one of the few items sold these days that can be mailed in an envelope....and stay under the 'Canada Post Magic Template thickness'! Most embellishments, powders, etc, come in little bottles & jars, these are in a bag, in plastic.....Smiles......That means, we can mail them at Letter mail prices.

Free Spellbinders Die
Tonight is the draw for the Free Spellbinders Embossing Die!!! To enter, place your pre-order for the new Spellbinder releases that were introduced at CHA. For each pre-ordered die/set, you will receive an entry for the draw. You will still be able to place your pre-orders after tonight, but the 'early bird' draw will be over.
So, if you haven't put your pre-orders in yet, now is the time!!! Don't miss out on your chance to win a Spellbinders Embossing Die.

In my last post, I mentioned that Sizzix had 'released' two new products, that will make using the ultra thin emossing dies, (long), easier. Essentials Platform 65-58-08 and Extended Adapter (65-5808) These are to be used with the Spellbinder Large Grande Borders.
I brought a couple of them in, and will be experimenting with them, and the large borders. I'll let you know how they work, (and if I think they are 'really' necessary).
If anyone has been using the Grande Borderabilites from Spellbinder with their Big Shot, will you please contact me. I have a few questions.
Have a great weekend.....I'll be back with the Winner of the Spellbinders Free Embossing die...
Good luck to all who have ordered and entered the draw.
Thanks for visiting.

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