Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have no excuse...late as usual...

Well, the sneak peak day two is a little delayed, (that old saying 'life got in the way' applies to this one. But, in the meantime, I did find out about some new products that are being released at CHA this week.
First of all, I gave you a hint, about a new product being 'hard to resist'.....Ranger is introducing a new 'Watermark Resist ink'. You can stamp on colored paper, and it will create a darker 'watermark' look, or, stamp on white glossy cardstock, let dry (or, dry with heat tool) and then, brayer (or sponge over) with water-based dye inks to create a beautiful clean resist!
Ranger has also expanded their line of Adirondack Pigment inks. Their Adirondack Die Inks, which consist of earth tones, lights & brights, has had (my personal favorite color) Wild Plum...but when Ranger put out the Pigment inks, that color wasn't included, along with a few other colors, and I have to admit, I was hoping they were planning to expand this great line of inks to include these colors....and they have! They've added 6 new colors to their Adirondack pigment inks! This is something that personally has me cheering! they're gorgeous colors, and I love their pigment inks, and enjoy using them,
Of course, I mentioned in a post a few days ago about Spellbinders new releases that we were getting 'sneak peaks' of, and that I'm now taking orders for, but, there was something I didn't tell you about, because I didn't have a picture to show you. But now I do! and, I have some information about it as well........Spellbinders has designed two carrying cases, One for the Wizard, and one for the Dies! The case that holds the wizard has a place on the side where you can put your carrying case for your dies.....Everything fits in one bag!! Smart thinking!
The Die Template Carry Case keeps your dies organized and portable, making it possible to find just the right size and shape. The ring binder inside the case holds pages of pockets, sized to fit the various die templates. This case fits into the Wizard Carry Case (shown above). The Die Carry case is made of Raspberry colored microfiber suede, both stylish and practical. It's such a durable fabric. Another product that spellbinders is releasing is a new line, called Impressabilites. There is some information on Spellbinders blog about them. They are going to be released in March as well, and I'll tell you more about them in my next post. Right now there is something important I want to tell you about.

Spellbinders and the Big Shot & Big Kick Machines

I want to tell the Big Shot and Big Kick owners who also have the Large Borderabilites dies from Spellbinders that there is a new product 'out' for us!
Sizzix found that the Narrow 13" platform and cutting pads didn't work with the Spellbinders borders, as they were too thin...Couldn't use the Grande Borders with the 'regular' was too short...
Sizzix has developed two new accessories for the Big Shot and Big Kick Machine, to make working with Spellbinders Grande Borders a breeze! The Essential Platform (65-5808) is designed for use in the Big Shot and Big Kick machines. This item, combined with the Sizzix 'Extended Adapter' (65-5807), 'gives crafters the flexibility to use narrow, thin dies made by other companies' It enables you to use the Spellbinders Grande Borderabilites and other similar narrow thin dies from Boss Kutz and Quick Kutz. These dies are too long for the Multipurpose Platform. Measurements 6 1/4" x 13 x 1/2"
That will make things much easier....
I'd better go and get back to work. I'm stiiiiiiiiill doing inventory, but I'm down to the rubber stamps now....I only have about 3,000 in stock, so it should only take a day or two to count, Smiles.....
Thanks for visiting. I am taking pre-orders and orders for all of the Spellbinders products, ...don't forget, if you are pre-ordering Spellbinder New Releases, mention you read about them in my blog, to get your entry placed for a Free Spellbinders Die!!!
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