Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's New at CHA? Here's a Sneak Peak!!

We may not be able to go to CHA in Anaheim from Jan 26-28, but, we can pretend we're there and still have some fun! For those of us who are living in colder climates- like all of Canada... (It's minus 25 or something like there this morning here in Medicine Hat, Alberta.. This is one morning that.I'm glad I'm not a dog and have to go outside to the bathroom,...that's another story...Isaac couldn't get back in the house fast enough this morning at 5:00 am...

I've decided there is no reason we can't 'see' some of the great items that are being introduced at CHA, but, even better, you are getting to see them before the 'show' actually opens....For the next 2 days, before CHA officially starts, I'm going to introduce you to some of the New products that are going to be introduced on January 26th! But, since it is so cold here, we'd better do something to get the 'mood' right. First of all, Turn up your furnace...(when your dog or cat starts to shed, you know you have it too high, turn it down)......If you read this in the evening, go ahead and grab your favorite beverage, put a little umbrella in it..Hey, we're supposed to be in California, remember....(for those of you who didn't get your furnace turned high enough...(price of natural gas, you know....) grab a cup of hot chocolate and throw in a few marshmallows
First of all, we're going to go by the Ranger booth...we won't see Tim's smiling face (you can always have his blog open in another window and switch back and forth white you are reading about the new Ranger products if you'd like.... Smiles..

Ranger is releasing some great new products that I'm very excited about. I love their alcohol inks!! (as we all do), but, the colors are so dark! Well, they're earth tones, righ??!!...
.weeeeeell..... Drumroll pleeee-ase...24 new colors of Alcohol inks will be coming your way!!
Introducing Adirondack Alcohol inks in Lights and Brights!! These will coordinate with your Earthtones that you love!
These will help brighten your Alcohol ink projects! (and will coordinate with the colors of Paints, pigment inks, dye inks, Color washes, etc) Many of you know how much I love to use Rangers lines of inks, not just for the high quality, but I appreciate the fact that the colors from the lines all coordinate. And, that when I'm blending I know I can use a light, bright and darker earthtone colors that will not 'clash', the colors go together so nicely...

Am I the only one who has gone to the LSS to purchase a color of ink, came home, and found it didn't 'go' together, ended up going back several times before getting the right color (and sometimes that never did happen!...the 'right color' didn't exist, (at least in that stamp company's line). This has always been complaint of mine, why companies don't make all their inks and paints 'coordinate'. When we're working with various mediums, it isn't always easy to get everything to 'go together'. -pigments inks, die inks, .....and paints.........I'm so happpy that Ranger does that...Anyway, I digress

Ranger's alcohol inks are 'fast drying, transparent, acid free die inks, specially formulated to create a vibrant polished effect on glossy surfaces including glass, gloss paper, metal foil, shrink plastic, domino's, plastic, and other non-porous surfaces.' Those are Ranger's words....My words..., They Dry Quick, and they'll work on Anything Slick! The new alcohol inks will be available in 8 sets of 3 compatible color tones. You will also be able to get the colors individually as well.
This brings our choice of Alcohol ink colors to........48 Alcohol Ink colors now in the Ranger line of Alcohol inks...yeaaaa! clap, clap.... (we have to get excited, remember, for a few minutes today we're at CHA in Anaheim California.....)
Because we're looking at the Alcohol ink new releases, I'm going to introduce one more related product today, (before I go out and shovel snow). This next product I have to say is the one that I'm the most excited about! Finally.....are you ready...... drrrrrrrum rooooooooooll Puh-lease.....ta-da-da-daaaaaa. ........
Introducing The Alcohol Ink Fillable Pen!!! Yes, we can now create our own Alcohol ink markers using our favorite Alcohol inks!
This is a dual tip 'dry' pen, and you can fill it with a few drops of your favorite Alcohol ink color! Using either the Flexible brush tip, or the fine point tip, you can color, doodle, draw, doodle or outline with your favorite color of Alcohol ink.
'This smooth coloring pen is ideal for glossy papers, metal, glass and plastic. The ergonomic barrel allows for ease of use, and has a convenient white band for labeling the ink color. The air-tight caps keep alcohol inks from evaporating.'
I personally can't wait til these are available! With the new alcohol ink colors, and now the new fillable Alcohol ink pens, I know that I'll be using my alcohol inks to create projects!
I'm also looking forward to doing some 'doctoring' on some of my sheets of 'dud's'...Pieces of Glossy cardstock that I did with the Alcohol inks, and I didn't like....(I won't throw anything out) They're sitting in a folder, waiting for a miracle....To me they were too dark, or I just didn't like the way they looked. I think they were just waiting for some new, bright colored alcohol inks to be added to them to give them life...(and then I'd let them see the light of day....., not hidden away in a folder.... I believe if you keep your 'mistakes' long enough, something will come up that will 'make them look better'....
a new technique, or a new product, you never know...

So, my paper crafting friends..I hope you enjoyed our little make beleive trip to CHA. It's back to the real world, the ice crystals in the air, and the snow waiting to be shovelled. We didn't get that much, so it won't take me long...
Well I hope you'll meet with me tomorrow, same time, same place, for a sneak preview of some more great products that will be introduced on Monday, at Winter CHA, 2009 in Anaheim California.
......hmmm, I wonder if I should give you a hint about one of the new products.....It's hard to resist.......(actually, that is your hint...)
With the new alcohol inks and pen, New spellbinder embossing dies, and new products from hundreds (I'm sure) of other companies, just think, with reading about them in a blog, we won't have the problems that actual attendees will have.....sore feet!
I hope you visit tomorrow for Sneak peak Day #2
Have a great day

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