Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spellbinder New Releases Taking pre-orders- Enter for Free Spellbinder Embossing die

Well, the last 'sneak preview' for the Spellbinder 5th Anniversary blog party was shown today! That was quite the line up of amazing embossing dies that will be introduced at CHA in Anaheim at the end of January! (again, this year, something came up and we could not go again, sniff, sniff...)
Nestabilities, mega-nestabilities, embossing dies, Frames, Borders and dies!!! Wow, there were all types of new embossing dies offered! All sizes and shapes- and to think we may have them in our hot little hands fairly soon! I've been told that Spellbinders will be shipping out the new releases at the end of February. Heck, the way time has been flying lately, that date will be here before we know it!
I've been asked which of the new releases were my favorites....that is a difficult question, as they are all so different. I think it would be easier to ask...which of the borders do you like the most? or "Which of the nestabilites do you like best?".....and I'd still have a hard time deciding. With each embossing die (or set) released, I found myself thinking that was my favorite, then the next day came, and the last one was 'bumped' into second position.

Spellbinder pre-orders and
Special for Blog Readers! Free Spellbinder embossing die package!!

I have put all of the new dies that will be released on my Photobucket online catalog, click on 'Spellbinder New Releases' on the left hand side of the screen.
All of the details (sizes, etc) are there (There are one or two that sizes were not given on the blogs, but I'm doing my best to find out the exact sizes)

I have two Canadian Suppliers for Spellbinders. One of them has asked me to place my pre-orders by tomorrow. I will place orders for a few of everything from them. The other supplier hasn't given us a final date for placing pre-orders (meaning you will be Guaranteed to receive your order, barring a manufacturing problem until they do, (and at that time I'll post the final pre-order date in the blog....)
I'm taking pre-orders until January 31 for the new Spellbinders products that will be released. Place your order now!! If my second supplier contacts me and tells me I have to have my order in earlier, the Pre-orders that have been made by then will be placed. Don't take any chances, and risk being disappointed, get your orders in!

Remember, members of the Preferred Customer Program will receive an 'instant' 5% discount' off all pre-orders placed! so make sure you get your order in, in time!
If you have any questions about any of the spellbinder products, please contact me by email.

First Integrity Rubber Stamps Blog Reader Special of 2009!

When you place your Spellbinder pre-orders (Before January 31) Tell me you read my blog and want to be entered for the Blog Reader Special.....For EACH New Spellbinder embossing die set you order, your name will be entered for a draw. This is for PRE-Orders ONLY!
The winner will receive a FREE Spellbinder Embossing die set. Maximum value $29.95 CAD.

So, if you are a Preferred Customer, and read my blog, You'll receive 5% off your order immediately, and each $ spent will count toward Customer Reward certificate for free products; and your name will be entered for a Free Spellbinder embossing die set! (One entry per item ordered!)
The draw will be made January 31.
You can see the online catalog at the Photobucket site and you can email your orders and questions to me (email address is in sidebar)

You may have noticed.....I finally did it.....my picture is finally on the blog, lol.....I'm one of those people who is always taking the pictures.....and I really don't have any pictures of myself.

Connie from 'Shades of stamping' was here visiting a month ago, and she took some pictures while she was here, and I decided to share one with you.
My little friends in the picture are always beside me, whether I'm working on the computer or working in the studio. (Some of you may remember the incident with Isaac and the Worn Lipstick Distress Embossing Powder!)....It doesn't matter where i am in the house or yard, Angel and Isaac are close by, so I guess it is rather appropriate they are also in my blog.
Have a great day, and remember to tell me when you place your pre-order that
You 'Read my blog and want to enter the Blog Special Draw!!

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