Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Canadian Paper crafting blogs and Shimmerz paints

Nancy from Calgary is trying to get a list together of all the Canadian Paper Crafting Blogs! That's a daunting task. She's putting the list in the sidebar of her blog. http://nancyscreativemess.blogspot.com/
If you paper-craft and have a blog, contact Nancy at her blog to get your name on her list.

Speaking of blogs, there's a new one 'out there' in blog land that bears watching. This is one creative lady! She's a friend of mine.
She's relatively new to the 'paper crafting / stamping world', but has no fear, and jumps in with both feet, ready to learn and challenge herself. Erika has just started blogging, about her art, and I think you will all enjoy her blog as much as I have. Visit Ink, Cut and Fold, I think you'll enjoy your time spent there!
the link is: http://taylordconcepts.blogspot.com

Have you seen the new colors of Shimmerz paints? There are four new Limited Edition Blingz colors that have recently been released! Two bright colors, perfect to brighten up these dreary winter days, Hottie Pink and Flashee Fuschia are just what the doctor ordered to add some life and color to your projects, then, to balance the bright colors, Pixie Dust balances the bright colors, and of course, (as you know I love the metallics), so I'm 'eyeing' the 'Hi Ho Silver'. Metallics and shimmerz....that's a combination that I gotta love! I'm taking orders for these four colors at this time.

For pictures and ordering information you can visit my (Integrity Designs') online catalog/website at Photobucket.
You can email me to pre-order. At the present time we've got All of the gorgeous Shimmerz Paints back in stock! (other than the 'four new ones'). Place your order now, as they don't last long! For those of you who aren't familiar with Shimmerz Paints, these are a waterbased paint that provides a shimmery sheen! They will dry on acetate, glass, acrylic and other non porous surfaces. Personally, I find that if I put the Shimmerz on thicker, I don't get 'brush strokes'. These paints dry very quickly, even when they're put on thick.
I love using them over colored images to add sheen and depth to the colors.
Here's the link to Shimmerz Blog, where you can see great projects done by their designers.

I'd better get going.....I'm doing inventory...thank goodness that's only a once a year thing. I keep telling myself that it could be worse! When I was in nurses training, and trying to make extra money, I worked as a waitress at a restaurant on the highway that was attached to a gas station / garage. On the weekends I'd also help at the garage...They did inventory at the end of every month!!! Yikes!! counting every gasket, piece of tubing, nut, bolt, etc! When I remind myself of how I had to help with inventory every month, this doesn't seem so bad.
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MrsETaylor said...

Thank you so much for "plug" Elaine. I absolutely love all the help you have given me over these past few months.

And if you are reading Elaines blog, you just gotta order a shimmerz paint or 6 or 12. They are truly FANTASTIC!!