Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spellbinders New Releases contest!

Sorry this is a day or two late (head hanging in shame)...Spellbinders (makers of those awesome dies that cut and emboss various mediums, using the Wizard, or most brand name die cutting systems, for those who aren't familiar with the name), is celebrating their 5th Anniversary! They are going to be releasing several new Embossing Dies at CHA this winter. To celebrate their anniversary and the new releases, They are having an awesome contest!
Go to Spellbinders blog to find out more, or keep reading for the rules.
In a 'nut shell', visit their designers blogs on the day that they are being featured, and see each new release that they are featuring. (The designers names and blogs are listed on the Spellbinder Blog) Each designer shows various projects and ideas for using each new die. While at the blog, click on the link for the contest, and enter the name of the featured die in the email that will open, and send in. Be sure that you use the same email address every day to be eligible for the grand prize which is a set of all of the new embossing dies that are being released! Entering each day, at the various blogs will also enter your name in the contest for the die featured that day as well... I wish you all the best of luck.....if I don't win, I hope you do, Smiles.....doesn't sound very good, but I'm honest! lol.

I love the die their featuring today, Flower Accents! I can think of all kinds of uses for that one! If I win that one, I'd be happy, heck, I'd be happy if I won anything....I'm not greedy...I'm very unlucky when it comes to entering contests or draws!

I'll be taking pre-orders for the Spellbinders New Releases once I get more information from my suppliers (like the prices, lol) I'm sure the prices will follow the 2009 price schedule set my spellbinders. Don't forget, if you are a member of the 2009 Preferred Customer program, this will entitle you to an 'instant' 5% discount on all pre-ordered items, (that's in addition to the Customer Reward points that you will earn, which will entitle you to earn FREE rubber stamping and paper crafting products!!
For more details, you can visit my online catalog. You will find the details of the 2009 Preferred Customer Reward program there, (click on the image to enlarge, so you can read it better).
or, you can email me at
For information on pre-ordering, email me.

I'll be adding the new Spellbinder embossing dies to my online catalog for pre-ordering. They will be in a 'category of their own, you'll find it on the left hand side of the screen on the main page.

Have a great day.....It's supposed to warm up here, in Medicine Hat, to minus 5 or so, it's actually been nice the past few days, except we've got so darn much snow it's hard to get around. That beautiful fluffy white stuff has changed to a heavy, slushy mess...Cars are getting stuck in it. The Canada Post Lady who delivers our parcels came yesterday (gotta love those days!) and told me she was stuck twice yesterday, but managed to get out, but the day before, she was stuck in the middle of a road in a residential area, 4 passersby tried unsuccessfully to push her out, she called the Motor Club, and their line was busy for over an hour, so finally she called her Dad, and he came and pulled her out...and she has a Four Wheel Drive!! This morning when I got up at 5:00 am I heard the snow plows going up and down the street, so the city has been working at it trying to remove the snow.
I know that the weather across Canada has been bad the past month or so, and we are very lucky not to have the storms that hit the maritime provinces around new years. Wow, no matter how bad the weather is where you are, someone else has it a lot worse!!
Have a great day!
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