Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spellbinders Impressabilities and Pierceabilities-another draw for free Spellbinder Product!

Hi Everyone...Can you believe this? another post! ...I don't think I've ever posted this often since I started my many new things to tell you about.
Many of us ordered the Spellbinders Pierceabilities that was supposed to be released last summer. They were released in the USA, but there were problems, and the were 'pulled', so we (Canadians) were out of luck.
I received an email this morning, telling me the Pierceabilites are 'back' and going to be released soon!
As many of you know, I'm taking pre-orders for the Impressabilities. I've decided to take pre-orders at the same time, for the Pierceabilites. Those of you who ordered them last year, can re-order them....And another piece of great news...the prices of the Pierceabilities has gone down! You heard right..Spellbinders has lowered their price on the Pierceabilites! (gotta love that!).

For the next 3 days, February 9, 10 & 11, For each pre-ordered Impressability and Pierceability, you will receive an entry for the draw!
Preferred Customers, who pre-order will automatically get another entry for for the draw for being a 'Preferred Customer'. So, that's an entry for each pre-ordered item, and one for being a preferred customer, AND the price on Pierceabilites has lowered! How much better can it get?!..... I, but that will only happen if your name gets drawn...
Would you like to know what you are going to win?? I guess I should tell you...The winner will receive a FREE Impressability that will be awarded when the shipment arrives.
If you order them all, no problem, You'll have an extra one to cut up, or to give to a friend!! The draw will be made February 11 at 11:30 pm....Good luck to everyone!
The winner will be announced February 12th, here on my blog.
Thanks for visiting!
To see the Pierceabilities and Impressabilites and other Spellbinder products, you can visit my online catalog. (photobucket site)

...which reminds me...Photobucket must have 'burped' again. It was brought to my attention this afternoon that some of the Spellbinder products weren't in the category they were supposed to be in.
Every once in a while, Photobucket has a burp, and images are moved, or information deleted. Worse yet, it has had a 'Trucker's Belch'...when that happens, it spits products/pictures right off the site...I've lost products and descriptions, all at one time....yikes, that's not a good thing!
I'll so happy when my web site gets finished...sigh....They're working on the shopping cart!
I've straightened out the Photobucket site again this afternoo. There are now 3 categories for Spellbinder products: 'New Releases', 'Spellbinder nestabilities, dies and products', and Spellbinder Nestabilities- Large sets ( four sets of nestabilities)
I'm sorry, those aren't links, please click on the main link above, and you will find the categories at the right hand side of the screen.
If you have any questions and to place your pre-order, feel free to contact me. (my email address is on the right sidebar

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