Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day ..the winner is...

Hi Everyone, sorry I'm late posting this. I did contact the winner of the New Impressabilities on February 12, but was having server problems, so couldn't get online to post this.
Happy valentines day to all! This is the day we celebrate love and that 'special friendship' we have with that 'certain' person.
I have to admit, I haven't made Gord's card yet.......I'm headed to the studio now, so it's done by tonight. I know exactly what I want to do, so hopefully I won't get a 'brain fart' and lose what it was.....
I wanted to make sure I came on to let you all know two things....One, who the lucky winner of the draw for the FREE Impressability is.....drrrrrrruuuuuuuummm Roll.....The Winner is Carol Andrews! Congratulations Carol, and you will receive your free Impressability when the shipment arrives.
Also, I received a notification fro Canada Post....I had no idea they were planning on raising rates in two sessions this year. As of February 23, 2009, various postage rates are going to be increased. You will find the list of increases at Canada Post's website.
(the items they didn't raise in January, they're raising now....)
Happy Valentines Day, and thanks for visiting.
Have a great day....

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