Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love it....even if I did make a mistake

Hi, it's been over a week, and I'm late....When I left the computer, after posting the last time (Valentine's day), I said I was going to make Gord's Valentine's Day card....and that I knew exactly what I was going to do...that usually means you know how it is going to turn out...well, as that old saying goes....NOT!! giggle.
It was one of those sessions where nothing went right. Usually that's the time that we don't want others to see our mistakes....what the heck, I decided that since Gord was so happy with it, boo-boos and all that I'd post it for you to see.....First of all, I used a product that I've been wanting to tell you about, it's from Clearsnap, called Design Adhesives. These are 'pre-made- designs made out of clear adhesive. They're 2 x 7" and four sheets to package, so that's a heck of a deal, as you can cut them apart, you don't need to use them as a border, you can use them as design elements as well. They are great! I used them with embossing powders for the inside of the card, to see whether the adhesive would warp from the heat, and it doesn't!!
I used 'Dancing Hearts', then decided to get 'artsy- fartsy', I thought I'd use 'symbols' of our love ...(I should have concentrated on the card, not symbols).....I decided I wanted to make one of the hearts 'warped and crooked', to symbolize all the warped and weird times that couples can have......These designs are great, there is adhesive, on a clear plastic sheet, (so you can place your design exactly where you want)...I took a stick pin, and lifted the adhesive on one part of the heart, and 'rolled it' to 'warp the heart. It worked perfectly.....I had seen a card fold on a blog that I thought was neat, so decided to use this fold. So, rather than paying attention to things like which is the top, and which is the bottom.....I think you know where I'm going with this, giggle.... I laid out my hearts, with the one perfectly warped...just the way I wanted it....I used my favorite color of hand mixed glitters created by Sparkle'n Sprinkle, Burgundy Glitz. This is the most gorgeous mixture of colors. blue-red, wine, purply wine, all those yummy colors that you generally see one at a time, but never together.......this glitter has them all! As I found my 'Soulmate' stamp, from Innovative Stamp Creations. (Betsy has the greatest sheet of word stamps,It's called 'Scrapbook words'. They're wonderful for cards! It's one of those sheets that I always wonder what I'd do without it.....It's perfect for cards and Scrapbook Layouts.
Back to my story.....You know, how that goes...when everything is falling into place so perfectly....I had the perfect stamp....the colors were perfect.....and I knew Gord would love it...I was so happy with myself, even though it was a very simple card....didn't take me long to do....but, I loved the card....then it came to my mind.....'Sheesh, Boy would it be easy to put this heart panel upside down, especially with all the pieces folded but not glued together'.......You know what happened next...Yup, I put it together, and I had put the 'heart panel' upside down.....I could have cried! Everyone knows the middle heart has to be right side up! I could have used it, but, with the old key I found and glued to the bottom to hold the fold closed (the idiot making the card had already glued the key in place....) could tell it was not right....with the key at the top.
Here's my 'upside' down Valentine's Day Card. The middle heart should have been right side up, (as all of you know)....thank goodness Gord loves each and every card I make him, and no matter what he thinks, won't say anything. He just smiles and tells me it's the most beautiful card I've ever made.....and, I know he's lying....but I love him all the more for his 'white lies'.

The front panel, (which opens, it's on a fold), slips under the Key, to keep it shut. Gord's not a 'sparkly' kind of guy....not like me, (I think I was a crow in my past life), so I decided to keep it simple on the inside.
What really made my day, he looked at this card, and said quietly. "The Key to my heart"....I was so tickled.....I was hoping he'd 'get it'....but, you know how part of you thinks....."Am I being a suck....He probably won't get it".....He Did!! not bad after this many years....(Really Big Grin!!!)
Here's a picture of the card open. I really liked this card 'fold'. Very easy, but yet, so different...
I know this isn't a great picture of the card....I just wanted you to see the hearts....right side up.... and how it opens- quick, easy and different. (See, you will find a use for those little 'extras' that you've saved!)

This is totally off the topic, but, today I was talking with a stamping friend, and we were talking about Ranger's Alcohol inks, and the new wonderful colors that are going to be released.
As many of you know from past experience, Although Ranger has wonderful inks, and the highest quality products, they're a little 'delayed' when they release new products. How does that saying go?? 'the intention is good, but the.......hmmm, can't remember how it goes'......
I am taking pre-orders for the Alcohol inks from Ranger, in fact, I'm taking pre-orders for all of the new products that are being put out by Ranger, (Tim Holtz's products included). I don't know when they are going to arrive, as Ranger is usually a bit late with releasing their inks. The Tim Holtz stamps will be on time (Ranger doesn't make them, Smiles), the Grunge Paper will probably be on time....Advantus makes them......(get the drift).
I've got orders in with three suppliers, for the Ranger inks, and I've been getting so many stampers and paper crafters emailing me, and placing orders for these wonderful alcohol inks (that we know and love)....but, with all of the emails I've been getting inquiring about pre-ordering the new Alcohol Ink Colors, I'm realizing that my first shipment is selling out Very Quickly!!! So, to make sure that you aren't disappointed, and have to end up waiting for yours until the Canadian suppliers get their second shipment in, I'd advise you to place your orders now for the new color sets of Ranger Alcohol inks. You can find these colors online, in the Photobucket online Catalog
Visit 'CHA Winter 2009 releases' to see many of the new items that were introduced, and those we're taking orders for now! You will find the new alcohol inks as well as the new Alcohol Ink Fillable pen. Email me with your order.
Don't forget, Preferred Customers will be receiving an additional 5% discount on all pre-ordered New Products ....
Please contact me with any questions, and with orders. My email is on the left 'side bar'.

I've uploaded pictures of the Designer Adhesives on the Photobucket site. (Under what's new, New arrivals). I'll be putting the new Sparkle fibers (not fibers, like ribbons and yarns....they're the kind you want to use with these great adhesives) tomorrow.
Have a wonderful evening.

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Well I love the card and imperfections is what makes love go round..
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