Thursday, February 26, 2009

'Anything- But- White' Sale

Hi Everyone
Greetings from Snowy Southern Alberta! I couldn't believe that it snowed again last night! When I woke up and saw all this white 'stuff' on the ground, (and on top of all the other 'white stuff' that's been there since November.....I couldn't believe it!! We live in an area that generally doesn't stay 'white' all winter. We have Chinook winds that blow in and melt off all the snow....then, later we get snow again.....not this year. The snow hasn't left since the first snowfall in November.
I'm so tired of snow! Everywhere I look outside is White! White/Grey skies...white roads, white lawns, get the picture!
This morning on the Weather Network Map, the Map of Canada was all white.....What's with that?????.....
OK, I know it's supposed to be cold and snowy in the winter, but I've had enough.
I want color!!
So, I decided to create a Sale
'Anything-But-White' Sale.
We've got a wonderful selection of the Sparkle Fibers in stock now, (their colors are so yummy! Blends of teeny, tiny 'metallicky'pieces. perfect for attaching with clear drying adhesive and tapes. Here's 'Lapis' unfortunately the pictures doesn't show the various colors that are in that blend...They're so rich and pretty. Another favorite of mine is 'Iced Grapefruit' This you will also see below.
These great embellishments are great to use with Design Adhesives....I used the Dancing Hearts in my last post (Valentines Day Card used 'Dancing Hearts).
There are several designs available. 'Hawaiian Hibiscus, 'Ornate Border', 'Dancing Hearts', 'Daisy Daze' and more. They can be seen in our online catalog, under What's new
Until Saturday, Feb 28, all orders of Sparkle Fibres and Designer Adhesives will receive Free Shipping!!
Hurry to our Photobucket website/online catalog

You will find the Design Adhesives and the Sparkle Fibers in the 'What's New' section (Left hand side of the screen).
There you will find all the great colors and designs available. Email your order to me. You will receive Free shipping on all orders that arrive in my In Box before Midnight, Saturday night.
Take care, and thanks for Visiting

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