Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is springing...can't say 'Sprung' quite yet- new colors arriving

Hi Everyone, the snow is actually melting away!!
As that old saying goes, 'Spring has sprung, the grass is green....' well, almost...but, the great colors aren't being provided by Mother Nature yet. The new colors are arriving daily, by Canada Post and UPS! There have been many new colors arriving daily, and more on the way!

We've received another large shipment of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, and the popular Glimmer Glass (Nature)is back in stock. The glimmer glass can be sprayed and altered with the glimmer mist, and 'glitzed' up to embellish your projects. I like using them the way they are, as I love the 'Creme de Rouge' color of the transparent pieces. Tattered Angels has released many brand new colors, and we are pleased to say they are now in stock! From Black Gold and Denim to 'Creme de Rouge'... that is absolutely gorgeous, and my favorite color, for now....(my favorite colors change with each new one I try it seems. My Tattered Angels has updated their website, adding new recipes (projects) and video tutorials, showing how to use their glimmering products.
Take a look at their website, I think you'll enjoy the videos and projects
you can find the new colors in stock at our online catalog at our Photobucket site,
We have so many colors of Tattered Angels Glimmer mists,they can be found in the category 'Inks' - 'Glimmer mists and Shimmer Sprays'
Speaking of Shimmer was only a matter of time, until our favorite company who makes the Shimmerz-i-est paints, decided to develop a Shimmerz 'Mist, or spray'. Rumor has it, Shimmerz Spritz will be coming soon! (a very reliable source is hinting at the end of April these maybe 'ready to go'!)
The Shimmerz Paints company has had a very busy spring as well. They've got their own website now, where you can see all the wonderful Shimmerz paints and Shimmerz Blingz paints, and of course the link to their great blog that their designers post to frequently can be obtained at their site as well.
As well as their new website, they've been busy developing new colors! Just in time for spring!
I wanted to share them with you!
There are four new Shimmerz: Choc-o-lot, Carmel, Fire Engine Red and Blueberry Cobbler!
Also, there are two new Shimmerz Blingz colors: 'Under the Sea', and' Mello Yello'
Below is Choc-o-lot, Carmel, Fire Engine Red and BlueBerry Cobbler.

And, here are the pretty new 'Shimmerz Blingz' colors, Under the Sea and Mello Yello.
Aren't they all Great?! Definitely perfect for your spring and summer projects. When I see the Choc-o-lot and Carmel, they remind me of the colors that would be perfect to add a little sheen to your landscape stamping projects, (I think they'd be perfect for a deer, or fawn when I see those colors, or the color of twigs, tucked into your floral designs. I'm taking orders for these colors now, and you can also order the Hottie Pink, Flashee Fuschia, Pixie Dust andHi Ho Silver (the last Shimmerz Blingz that were released).
Other than those listed above, I've got ALL of the Shimmerz and Shimmerz Blingz colors in stock, and ready to slip in the mail for you!.
You can see all of the shimmerz Paints colors at our online Catalog, (in their own category, 'Shimmerz Paints' there are so many wonderful colors, they needed their own category!
You'll find the link to the Shimmerz Paints on the main page of the catalog, on the left hand side of the page.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Shimmerz Paints, they will dry on Vellum, Glass, acetate and metal!! providing you with a translucent shimmery finish. I love using them on top of stamped and colored images, on cardstock, to add depth and shimmer to the colors I've 'laid' already.
You can 'pre-order' the new Shimmerz paints, (I'm expecting delivery second week of April). or, you can order the colors I have in stock now, that are 'ready to ship' within 24 hours.
Email me with your order at integritydes at telus dot net (also listed at side bar)
Don't forget, Preferred Customers will get an automatic 5% discount in price of ALL pre-orders.
Inquire about our Preferred Customer membership.
I'd better close, as I'm going to see the dental surgeon today, in Lethbridge....only about 2 hours from Medicine Hat, Alberta...but...we're taking our little doggies with, and Angel is a typical girl....she needs her beauty sleep, and needs to 'get ready' for any trips....she doesn't like to be rushed, so I have to get her 'morning routine' done, before we leave so we have no accidents on the way.....The vet tells me her bladder is so tiny, and she has some 'problems' she still has accidents.....(she's our little 'rescue' dog)....Isaac, on the other hand, doesn't need any notice, and he's always ready for a car ride!....just open the door, and he's ready to go...typical man...hehehe.
Have a great day! For those of you who order today, you will not get 'confirmation' of your order until tomorrow.
Sorry for the 'scattered' pictures of the shimmerz paints, I can't get them arranged properly, and I have to leave.....

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