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Tim Holtz Book and so much more!

I can't beleive this...a few days ago I was looking out my window at blooming tulips and Hyascinths...For the past two days I've been deprived of those beautiful all I see is White...Snow, Snow and more snow!  When we had our annual 'Spring Snow storm' a few weeks ago, I made the mistake of saying aloud "That was our last storm...Now, let the Summer weather begin"...that was not a smart thing for me to say....  About four or five days ago the winds picked up, and became wild! Then came the rain....two days of heavy rain with high winds...Perfect weather to stay in the house 'curled up with a book or rubber stamping, scrapbooking..whatever......Remember that song "when April Showers come your way"....So, fine, we'll have rain....but SNOW???   It started snowing yesterday morning, wet, heavy snow..(great for the's moisture) this is a good thing....But, c'mon.... it's STILL snowing!!....Yesterday there were several (and I'm talking fingers on both hands and a toes on one foot) communities that were without power all day, and that's not including the farms and ranches in those areas as well....
  The snow is so heavy and wet, it's breaking off trees, and the poor ranchers in our area have got newborn calves out in this weather....Poor little guys...the calves, not the ranchers...LOL  It is times like this it that makes me glad that I'm a 'person' not an animal who has to live outside....or go outside everytime they have to 'do their business'....Speaking of animals having to go outside to the bathroom (aren't we lucky we don't have to do that?!)...Our little dog, Angel (who weighs 3.25 pounds and is only 8.5" tall)...almost blew away on me the other night!  It was windy out, with high gusts at times....I took her to the door, to go out before she went 'to bed'...She didn't want to go out there; she kept turning around to come back in the house....So I picked her up, took a few paces out onto the deck and set her down...she started going toward the steps, and a wind gust came up, and literally lifted her off her feet and blew her backwards about 18"...I managed to grab her and she was all right, but, I couldn't help but laugh...with those huge ears of hers blowing like sails in the wind, she reminded me of that movie 'Dumbo, the flying Elephant'.......After that incident, as you can well imagine, if she had her way, she was NOT going to go outside on the deck again....'no way, no how'.....I'd set her down outside the door and before I could stand upright, she was back in the house......She's little, but she's fast..and was determined that she didn't want another flying session....We did compromise, and since her impromptu 'flying lesson' I've been taking her through the garage, beside the house, where it is more sheltered....Despite her ears looking like wings, she doesn't like to fly.
Now, after that weather report, lets talk about some great news in the rubber stamping / cardmaking/paper crafting world.

First of all, a few weeks ago I received my order that contained Tim Holtz new book "Compendium of Curiosities" .   I have to admit, I was skeptical of 'another book' on the crafting market.  Let's face it, there are lots of them, all touted to be 'the best'.  I hadn't heard too much about his book, so opened it without any expectations... which is probably the best way of looking at something new.  When I first opened it, I liked the fact that despite the fact that it looked like a 'bound' book, (which never want to lay open)...the pages of the book are actually coil they stay open where you want them. But, as that old saying goes, "You can't judge a book by it's cover"...In this case, I think the cover albeit lovely, doesn't do justice to the pages and information that's between the covers.  The first couple of pages show various products, embellishments, tools, etc that Tim has designed.  He explains what they can be used for, alternate uses and what they can be used with.  He has provided beautiful pictures of sample projects where the various products are used.  The photographs of Tim's samples are very close up and detailed.  If you weren't sure how to use any of his products, you will know now.  Then, the next part of the book is the absolute best!!  There majority of the book contains different techniques, (one per page) with step by step instructions with pictures...and, in true Tim Holtz style, he sets up the ink pads that he used, so you can see what colors of inks that he used to come up with the finished product.  He explains and shows 'step by step' pictures of several techniques using Distress inks, Alcohol inks, Distress stickles, Ranger Paint Dabbers, Regular embossing powders, Crackles paints, Glossy accents, Masks, his Alterations dies, etc with Rubber stamps, Metals, Grungeboard, and more....
     If you are an admirer of Tim's art and talent, and would like to master the techniques that he uses, this is the book for you.  I have to say...this is the book for me....While I was going through it, and reading the various techniques, I found myself thinking "then if I tried using ....." ;  "I'll bet if I did ......."  Any book that stimulates my creative side is welcome in my home....I found that just reading his book got me to thinking of various ways I could alter and expand on the techniques shown.   I find it isn't often that a book can inspire me to try expanding on a technique, let alone get me thinking before I have even tried the actual technique shown!.  Personally, I think this book is one I will use over and over, referring to another technique, and expanding on it, over and over.
I forgot to mention that in the back section of the book, Tim has included close up, detailed pictures of many projects including cards, scrapbook pages and, of course....there are a couple of tags to give you some ideas and inspiration.

Here's the link to Tim Holtz 'Compendium of Curiosities' book in my online Catalog: 
Compendium of Curiosities
When I brought the book in, everyone who visited the shop and had the chance to flip through it, bought I sold out within a day.  I will be placing another order on Sunday May 9th with my distributor.  If you would like me to order a copy for you, please email me. (email address in the left side bar)                                             
     When the Tim Holtz Alterations dies came in, including the lovely 'Tattered Florals' dies, within a week I had several gals ask me where they could get some of that great 'newspaper-like' paper that they could use to make flowers like Tim's....I had no idea....then I couldn't believe it..   I found some!                                                                          
Donna Salazar, couldn't find any paper that looked like newspaper to make into she made her own, and now we can get them!  Crafty Chronicles, Vol. 1 are now available.  This paper is great!  Acid Free- 8 color pages...18.5 x 24" (spread size)...and the best, is the text is all craft the articles before you cut them out!....that's what you call 'Getting your money's worth'....I'll be ordering them on Sunday May 9th, as well.  If you are interested in getting some 'newspaper' paper, to create your embellishments, please email me (email address on left side bar).
One more bit of news...Usually, companies put out their new releases, THEN they announce that they are releasing new products....not this time!  I expect ProvoCraft's new releases to arrive in Canada this month (May).  I have many card makers and scrapbookers waiting for them to arrive.  I received an email a few days ago announcing that ProvoCraft will be releasing something new.  Six new sets (of 4) of Cuttlebug embossing folders will be released in July.  What's different about these?  These will coordinate with new ProvoCraft Cricut Cartridges!  This means you will be able to coordinate your Cricut dies with Embossing folders....Cool, eh?  (I had to put the 'eh' in, since I'm Canadian, giggle)
If you would like to order one or more of these sets of four Cuttlebug embossing folders, please email me. (email address in left side bar)
ONE more bit of news....(I don't post for weeks, then, my posts are L-O-N-G....)
One of my distributors has announced that they will now be carrying DreamWeaver Stencils, Embossing Paste, etc.  If you are interested in viewing some of the great Brass Embossing stencils, Embossing pastes, etc (to see the Dreamweaver Product Selection, click Here)
Contact me if you are interested in any of the Dreamweaver product line.
If you are looking for a Rubber Stamping or Scrapbooking product and are unable to find it locally, email me.  I'll do my best to get the item for you. 
I hope you are outside enjoying nice spring weather....If not, I hope you are spending the cold, rainy/snowy days being creative in your craft room.

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