Saturday, December 11, 2010

To Celebrate Tenth 'tag' day of Christmas

After enjoying Tim Holtz's 'Ninth (tag) day of Christmas' two days ago, for the remainder of the evening, I kept humming and singing the Christmas carol 'Twelve Days of Christmas'...I couldn't get that song out of my head...drove me crazy...(and I think my dear husband would have liked a change of music as well, as I'm not the best singer, by ANY stretch of the imagination, lol).  It sure got me into the Christmas spirit though.....When he turned on the 'Fireplace' channel that has Christmas carols playing (on TV), I believe he was trying to tell me something, giggle. My doggies are the only ones that like my rendition of Christmas carols, I guess, as they followed me downstairs to my Craft Studio, where I sang to them while making cards for the remainder of the evening...(Nope, I'm not finished yet).

Special ! Tenth Day of Christmas Special
While I was working on my cards, I decided that I'd celebrate the 'Tenth (tag) day of Christmas (I know that was yesterday, I'm a day late in posting this) offering a Tenth Day of Christmas special.
I'm offering a 10 % discount on ALL Ranger and Tim Holtz products in stock!  Everything from Tim Holtz  Rubber stamps, Distress inks, Embossing powders, Dies, Embossing folders, ETC!  Everything! If it's made by Ranger, or has 'Tim Holtz' name on will receive a 10% discount!
For those of you who are looking to get yourself a 'Big Shot Die Cutting Machine by Sizzix', our Big Shot Machines will have a special price also, until Dec 15.  The special price will be $117.95 during this special.  I'm including them on special, as a die cutting /embossing machines is needed for Tim's dies and embossing folders and Tim Holtz Vagabond Electric die cutting machine hasn't arrived yet.  Our Die Cutting machines can be found in our online catalog at 'Die Cutting and Embossing Machines' which is a sub-category of 'Tools & Toys' category.

This special will last until midnight Dec 15...(when there will be ten days left until Christmas.....:-)
The Vagabond Electric Die Cutting machine from Tim Holtz and Sizzix is available for pre-ordering.  They can be pre-ordered, for late December  / Early January delivery!!  I'm looking forward to seeing 'in person' how strong this machine is.  The Sizzix Big Shot Express is heavy duty...and the Vagabond's motor is bigger and stronger!  I've been having some problems with my wrists and hands lately, so I'm thinking this may be something I have to 'look into'

We have a huge selection of Ranger and Tim Holtz products in stock, and available to be viewed in our Online Catalog, but, if there is something you are interested in, andcan't find in our catalog, please feel free to email me. 
The prices shown online are the Regular low prices, you will receive 10% off that price!

Here's the link to Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps online Catalog, where you will find all of our products.

If you have any questions, or to order, email me at:   integritydes at telus dot net.

Online catalog Navigation tips
PhotoBucket has made some formatting changes, which affects where the 'Categories' are found.
Instead of the categories of products being listed on the left hand side of the screen, they are now located at the lower right hand side of the screen. The categories have a 'scroll bar' now, you will scroll down the list to find the Tim Holtz Products, or Inks, etc.  Click on the category you'd like to visit.  Many of the categories have more than one subcategory...for example 'Inks'...When you click on the Ink' link, and go to it's page, you will find, at the lower right hand side of the page, the various categories of inks...pigments, dies, etc.  Click on the link you are interested in...To view information on each product, run your cursor over each thumbnail, and you will see name and price...To read the description, click on the image/thumbnail of the product, which will open a 'pop up' window.
While you are visiting our online catalog, you are invited to check out our Gallery of cards and projects.  There are many pages of cards in the main gallery, and at the lower right side of the screen, you will find two sub-categories, Holidays and Acrylic Art.

I hope you are all enjoying Tim Holtz's Twelve Tags of Christmas that are now on  Tim's Blog...There are only two more days left (not counting today)....
...It's great that we can still visit his blog and view the archived 'Twelve Tags of Christmas' posts to view any that we may want to see again...and again....
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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Connie Paxman said...

Merry Xmas Elaine...I am busy renovating...and not playing along with the Tim Tags...darn..
take card

Anonymous said...

Do you ever get Tim Holtz's papers? He's got a couple of assortments that look really interesting.

Diane Young