Thursday, December 9, 2010

A wonderful Tim Holtz Christmas

I talked with a customer  today who didn't know what I was talking about, when I asked if she was following "Tim Holtz's Twelve Tags of Christmas".....She is a fairly new stamper, and, of course had heard of Tim Holtz, but didn't realize that he has been giving rubber stampers and paper crafters a Christmas 'gift' for the past three or four years, his 'Twelve Tags of Christmas' projects.

I thought 'if she didn't know about this great gift of inspiration, there may be more rubber stampers that don't'.....So, I hope, if you haven't been following it so far, you'll check out Tim Holtz's Blog, and his 'Twelve Tags of Christmas'.  (You can also check out his archived posts, and see the 'Twelve Tags of Christmas' from the past years)

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about....Tim Holtz starts on Dec. 1st, and creates a Christmas tag, a different one, for each of  twelve days.....he gives step by step instructions, including videos showing various new techniques he is using.  Tim uses products that we've seen, and probably used, as well as products some of us may never have seen before and shows us how to create some fabulous Christmas projects.  He has some innovative taking Halloween dies, and by slightly altering them, using them for Christmas....Stamping on embossing dies?!....You've gotta check that out!...who'd have 'thunk it?'...obviously the 'master' did, what a great idea ! I can't wait to try that!

Tags? Cards? Scrapbook Layouts?
When I told my stamping friend about Tim's 'tags', her response was "What would I do with tags?.....I give cards, and I do scrapbooking?...What would I do with a tag?"....I thought about it for a minute or so, then replied by telling her  "I figure it's all the same... just a matter of 'Real Estate'...a small yard, a large yard, but the same design ideas can be used anywhere, scale them up or scale them down." (I'm a gardener, so hence the 'garden/yard' reference)  The ideas and techniques that Tim uses can be used in cards and scrapbook layouts.

Tim Holtz uses 'good old' stand-by products that have been available for years as well as new products in his projects...check out your 'stash', you probably have some of the supplies he's using.  If you don't, you can improvise...dig through your craft supplies, you never know what you will find that you can use instead.....It doesn't have to look the same as long as it gets you to your craft table and playing with the supplies you have....Take some time to have fun! This is your chance to get ideas on how to use many of these new products, and what they can do...even if you don't have them!  You can always put them on your 'Gift list'...

This time of year it seems we're always in a hurry getting ready for the holidays, attending parties, baking, making cards...(that I'm way behind one...every year I say I'm going to start making them in July...but, that's another story)... We seldom seem to have the time to sit and take time for ourselves...  This is your chance to do just that!  Pour yourself a cup of tea, and sit down at the computer, go to Tim's Blog, and prepare to enjoy yourself.

Tim is giving us some great new ideas and 'tons' of inspiration with his Twelve Tags of Christmas 2010....I hope you get the chance to visit his blog and enjoy his gift to us....

If you are interested in purchasing any of the great products that he's using, and can't find them at your local RSS, feel free to contact us; we have a large selection of his products in stock, from Embossing folders and dies to inks, rubber stamps and Stickles.  They can be seeen in our online catalog)  If you have any questions, or to order, feel free to email me.
There have been changes in my online catalog, now the various categories such as Tim Holtz Products, inks, etc are located at the bottom right of the screen.

Have a super day, and thanks for visiting!
I hope you are able to take the time to enjoy this most special time of year with your family and friends, and take some time for yourself as well !

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Anonymous said...

I soooo want a lot of Tim's products; one of these days when the budget allows. Thanks for reminding me of his tags!

Diane Young