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Ribbon Storage Solution-New Cuttlebug Emboss plus

Sorry it took me so long to post this.  As most of you know, I usually follow the CHA new releases, and post some of them online, with descriptions, etc.  I had planned on posting my 'organizing' and storage ideas with that post..Weeeeeell, the various new introductions just don't quit coming, lol.  I had started a post with some of the lovely new Spellbinder releases, then Tim Holtz was giving a Sneak Peak to his 2011 CHA new releases....then Ranger, .....I have been trying to get time to get them all in my online catalog, so I could link them from my blog post...and I realized, that with more items released every day, there is no way I can get them in, as well as continue with my Rubber stamp and Paper crafting storage ideas.  So, I'm going to do them separately!  (Except for the new Cuttlebug Emboss Plus folders that have already been introduced.....and I'm taking order for-see below)
One of my storage and organizing problems in the past has been Ribbons, cords and fibres.  I tried various methods of storing them, and they all had their drawbacks.
I had Gord build two 'wood hangers' under one of my shelves, there were metal chains hanging on each side.  Along the chains he attached small rings that dowels could fit through.  I threaded my spools of ribbon on 24-30" dowels (I can't remember how long the dowels were, and they're not there anymore), then slipped both ends into a ring, and it hung.
I had about 5 or 6 dowels, each full of ribbon spools suspended from the shelf when I realized, if I got any more ribbons, cords or fibres,....they'd be on the floor!  If you don't have that many spools of ribbon, that method works very well.  I made 'ruler' markings above the hanger, on the edge of the shelf, that supported the dowels, so I could just measure the ribbon there, and cut off what I needed.  As well as running out of room, there was one other disadvantage...... I had to take my project pieces over to where the ribbons were, to see what they'd look like together, then I'd get back to my table, and think about another piece of ribbon....maybe that would go better....back I'd go to the ribbon hanger..(it wasn't very far, I'm just getting lazy I guess, hehehe)...the alternative was to slip the dowel out of one of the chain's rings, and take off all the spools of ribbon, until I got to the one I wanted to take off and take it to my table....I guess that isn't a big deal, but, for someone who is always in a hurry, that took up too much time, and was a pain in the 'rear end' lol.  Another problem I ran into, was, every once in a while I'd end up with a spool of ribbon, with a tiny hole in the center...the dowel wouldn't fit through it...(and the dowels weren't that thick) I was afraid if I used thinner dowels I'd end up breaking them.
The biggest problem with that system, was I didn't have a way to hang the lovely bits and pieces of ribbon that I recycled...or short left-over pieces from projects.  I tried looping them over the dowels, but they slid off, and were usually on the floor.  So those bits and pieces were put elsewhere...and, I kept forgetting what I had....again, that 'out of sight-out of mind' problem.  I'd end up putting a ribbon on a project, not happy with it...and once it was adhered, (and when I stick something down, it's stuck for good! use trying to pull it off, it ain't going anywhere)...I'd remember I had 'just the right ribbon' put away...too late now!

I heard about a ribbon storage option....the 'Ribbon Ring'  storage system.  I heard about it online, from paper crafters that loved it.  So,  I purchased one to see how it would work for me.  This has solved my ribbon storage problems! I've been using the Ribbon Rings for storing my ribbon for the past 2 years, and I haven't had to quit buying ribbons when they are on sale!!  (that would be terrible!...I can't resist pretty ribbons, especially at 40% or more off....and the ones for 75% off....who can resist those?!)
My new ribbon storage rings don't really take up any room at all!  Basically, the ring itself is a large 'Binder ring' that you can open and close. The Ribbon Storage Tags are what's special!  They're the cat's meow!! (I'm dating myself now, lol)..They are flat tags made of thin but sturdy translucent plastic, with three slot-like openings that you thread your ribbons through.  (so they don't slide through) The openings are thick (depth) enough for coarse, heavy fibres and wide enough for wide ribbons.   I can put three or so narrow ribbons through the same 'slot' in the ribbon tag as well! (3 shades of narrow ribbon, etc)
This works great for those shorter left-over pieces, and the ribbons and fibres that I've bought in bulk, ( they didn't come on a spool).  I really like that they don't create a 'fold' mark in the ribbon as clips will do (as well as always being in a hurry, I hate ironing...unless it's involving Angelina Fibres or embossing powders, fun stuff like that!)
I've talked with other stampers and scrap-bookers about the different ways they use to hold their Ribbon Rings.  One gal bought an 'over the door' rack for bathrooms (to hold robes, etc), and she's hooked the rings on the hooks, she's got the rack over the door in her stamping room.  Another rubber stamper I know had her husband cut a piece of nice wood and stain it, then she screwed cup hooks into it; it's mounted on the wall in her stamping / craft room! She sent me a picture, and it looks Very Nice!
Because my stamping room is in my shop, I don't have room to hang my ribbon rings there, so they are in another room, sorted by colors...metallic ribbons on one, Reds on another, Vintage ribbons and fibres on another, etc..other than two Ribbon Rings in my stamping room /shop.

The Ribbon Ring and Tags are absolutely perfect for storing those 'little' extra pieces of ribbon.  You know the know you have just don't know where...(if you are like me)

For those of you who know me, you know that I am frugal...thrifty....(not cheap, though..., lol).. I will try to 'McGuyver' something, if I think it can be done, rather than having to spend money buying something (I'd rather spend it on new stamps, inks, embossing folders or dies...Gord came in one evening while I was fiddling around, trying to create my own ribbon storage tags....After watching me for a while, he started laughing.  He asked me how long I'd been trying to come up with a tag that worked as good as the purchased ones....I told him a "few evenings, off and on"..He just grinned and said "to save a few cents???"...and left the room shaking his head.  I started thinking about it, and you know, they weren't expensive...I decided that I could probably use my time in a  better way...(figuring out a way to store my Spellbinders dies...(and I did, but that's for a later post)
 Because I don't have a lot of space (remember, my stamping room is in my store/shop)  I now have two Ribbon Rings attached by magnetic hooks (purchased at a hardware store) on the refrigerator in my shop/stamping room. (for drinks & frozen home made poppycock to snack on, Big Grin)  I had more hanging there, but Gord started getting upset when they were catching in the bottom door of the refrigerator, and he had to try to hold them out of the way when he was closing the door.  I kept cutting down on the number there, til he didn't complain anymore...Two was the magic number!

I have one for my short pieces, and ribbons that I've recycled, (in picture) and one for the colors I use the most.   I have to say, for me, this method works the best! I have more Ribbon rings and ribbon hanging in the closet, in my spare bedroom, (next to my shop/stamping room) with other colors.  Here's a picture of my 'recycled treasures' on the fridge.

I have Ribbon Ring Starter kits in stock (come with ring and tags), and the Ribbon Ring Storage tags can be purchased in  packs of 30, 60 & 90 tags.  If you have a local Staples, check it out, you can find these rings (make sure they're the large ones, or they don't hold many tags) there. 

Now, for some fantastic news from Provo Craft!  Four new A2 size Cuttlebug Emboss Plus Embossing / Cutting folders have been released!! (Did you notice, I didn't say they are Going to be released...that's right.....they are available for order now!  They will be arriving in Canada in 2-3 weeks.  

 Here are two of the four new Cuttlebug Emboss Plus folders...
i think they're lovely!  I  love intricate detailed designs in my projects...and the fact they will cut and emboss in one pass through my Cuttlebug and Big Shot makes them even more desirable! They are as lovely as the Cuttlebug Emboss plus embossing / Cutting dies that were put out last year
I'm going to be placing my order on Thursday, January 27th.  These can be seen in my online catalog, in 2011 Cuttlebug New Releases.  (remember, the categories are now shown on the home page in the lower right hand corner of the screen, and has a scroll bar, (you can't see all of the categories at one time, so need to scroll)
I'm looking forward to using these new Emboss Plus Embossing/Cutting folders with the Streuters Glue Foil that I got in stock prior to Christmas.
If you aren't familiar with Streuters Glue Foil, it is metal-like foil, that has a heat-activated adhesive on the back.  I wrote about it in a post before Christmas.  It's gorgeous!  Rich, deep, elegant colors of metal foil....not bright and brassy looking.  I love my Bling....

Check out my online catalog to see the new 2011 CHA releases.  Tim Holtz / Ranger's new releases are in their own 'area' of my online catalog (they have so many new introduction), Spellbinders new Releases.....
I'm currently taking orders for the new releases, and uploading new products every day.  Tim Holtz & Ranger, Spellbinders and Cuttlebug and Craft-Too have their own categories with the 2011 new releases, or we'd be paging 'forever' to find items.  I'll be uploading new product pictures daily.  I don't have all of the Ranger / Tim Holtz new introductions online yet, and I won't know the prices until the actual days of the CHA, at which time I'll post them.  If you have any questions, or would like to order (pre-order) any of the new releases, please contact me at the email address shown in the left side bar.
I'm currently taking orders for the new Cuttlebug Emboss Plus Embossing / cutting folders.  All four of them can be seen at my online catalog in 2011 Cuttlebug new Releases.
I am uploading new releases and product introductions in my online catalog daily.  If there is something you are interested in, and you can't find it in my online catalog, please email me.  I hope my large US distributor puts out another CHA New releases online catalog for us again.  They did after CHA this past summer, and it was great!  I've got the new Spellbinder 2011 Winter releases in my online catalog, and am in the process of uploading Tim Holtz and Rangers new releases. 
Have a wonderful week
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Sharon said...

I love ribbon rings too! I bought a "3M Command" hook (that sticks with little tape thingy you can pull off at any time) and stuck the hook to the side of my bookcase which is right next to my craft table. No worry about drilling holes in the nice wood! I have the extra large ring which holds an amazing amount of ribbon tags. To me, this is the perfect ribbon storage system and easily accessible when you want to grab a piece to match cardstock.