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New Australian Craft Concepts embossing folders arriving!

I hope you enjoyed the last post with the Cuttlebug 'All in One' tutorial.  I enjoyed getting it ready, and finding where I had to be careful, making sure the templates matched exactly, so they worked (meaning you can't have one reversed...the design has to match perfectly.  It was good to know what's wrong if your image isn't absolutely beautifully embossed...(and that it isn't the embossing set's was mine....)if it happens again, I'll know exactly what to do right away!

Craft Concepts Embossing folders - Australia
I've posted a few times lately, talking about the two Australian companies whose embossing folders we'll be importing, Couture Creations and Craft Concepts.
The first order of Craft Concepts embossing folders have arrived! (Six of the new embossing folders from this design line is scheduled to arrive here today).   One of the embossing folders, Gem Flourish (which is my personal favorite) didn't arrive with the order at my distributors, so will be coming later.    Here are two of the A2 embossing folders from Craft Concepts that we're expecting to arrive today....Wings & Flutterbye...(they're so dainty)

Bad News re: Florette Embossing Folder
One of the Craft Concepts embossing folders I was waiting for, Florette, has been very popular, and I'm receiving more orders for it daily.  I visited the distributor's website, hoping to order more of them. (this is the company that only manufactures a limited number of each design, then discontinues it, and creates a new design line).
I searched for this A2 size embossing folder for a few hours, using every search method I could think of....there was no sign of it anywhere on their website at all!

I emailed the distributor to see what had happened, (hoping that something happened to the website, wiping out the Florette embossing folder by accident.  After waiting two days for an answer...I heard from the distributor.  Initially he was told by his supplier that they were in stock, and could be ordered.  Then his order arrived without it...He did a lot of checking with his supplier, and it looks as if he won't be able to get it in after all.  The supplier has promised him that they'd try to find some Florette Embossing folders somewhere....

Considering only a limited number are made, sure hope they have some luck...but I have my doubts whether we will be able to get it  anymore.
BUT, on the positive side, I'm making a list of everyone who has reserved /ordered the Craft Concepts Florette embossing folder, and will keep it on hand....if some are found, and we get them in, I'll notify everyone on the list and we can 'go from there. 

Craft Concepts New Embossing Folders - May  and July /August shipping dates
 Last week  heard that Craft Concepts has designed two MORE design lines that will be available on two different dates,May and July / August,  that are available for  pre-order now.

The first design line, which consists of Ten A2 size embossing folders is scheduled to arrive in May.  We're taking orders/reservations for those now. These embossing folders offer a selection of delicate and whimsical embossing folders, (Butterfly Kisses shown at side), as well as some funky design pattern designs, such as Tuscan Tiles shown below it.  These designs are totally different from each other, and offer a selection for every type of card or project  you'd like to create.

They can be found in our online catalog in the 2011 Cuttlebug, Craft-too, new release folder,
In my online catalog, the various categories of rubber stamping and card-making & Scrapbooking products can be found at the bottom right of the main page.  The links there are all clickable, and will take you to the area you'd like to visit.
The Craft Concepts May Releases can be found on Page two of the Cuttlebug -Craft-too section in my Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps online catalog   Please email me with your pre-order soon to avoid disappointment.  Email address on side bar, and will be shown at bottom of this post.

Craft Concepts Newest Design Line- Arriving in July / August, 2011
The Craft Concepts designers have been busy!  I received notice that orders are now being taken for the TWENTY new designs that will be shipped in July / August!  This shipment is a little different than the others.  The ones we've received (ordered) so far are all A2 in size.  The July/August release has Ten A2 designs of embossing folders and Ten 5x7" embossing folder designs!  There is a size for every card.

The July / August Craft Concepts new releases consist of a large selection of both holiday and Christmas embossing folders as well as designs you will use all year long!
Candy Canes 900-048, shown at the left is available in A2 size.
Below Candy Canes is 'Leafy Flourish 900-043', a 5 x7" pattern that can be used for all occasions.
There are so many lovely designs, that i have trouble picking out the ones to show you....I'd pick my favorite designs....but there are too many of them, smiles....

The Embossing folder shown below 'Leafy Flourish' is also one of my favorites, called 'Blooming Season-900-045"  Because of the boldness of the designs on both of the lower embossing folders, I think they'd both look great either foiled with transfer foil and Tsukineko's Ultimate Glue pad; or used with Perfect Pearls Powders (and Perfect Medium ink pad)  I think they'd look nice done up in variagated colors...I'm going to have to write that down so I don't forget what I wanted to do with them by the time they arrive in July, lol....My memory is good, just rather short!

The July / August new releases can be found in my 2011 Cuttlebug as well. At this point in time, they are located in Page One and Page Two -This section of my catalog also contains the new releases that are in stock, and those that we're waiting to arrive. Their ETA's (estimated time of arrival)  of each embossing folder can be viewed it the product's title, with the prices.

In the past few weeks, so many new embossing folders have been introduced, and I've been adding them to the same area of the online catalog, page numbers and links are changing from previous posts.  What was on page one a week ago, is now probably on page three.  I apologize for this, but there's not much else I can do.  When you click on a link to my catalog from a previous Blog Post, you will still end up in that category of the online catalog, but the items you are expecting to view may be on a different page in that section.  My apologies, I have no idea of how I can do it any differently.

When you visit my online catalog, because so many great new CHA releases and new embossing folders have been added in the past week, please click your browser's Refresh / Reload button, to make sure that all of the new items are shown!
Tim Holtz New releases arriving weekly.

We've received more Spellbinders (they're all back in stock) and the Tim Holtz Embossing folders and dies have started to arrive (Winter CHA's new introductions).  Now we have embossing folders from 5x7 size, to ATC size!  definitely a good selection of embossing sizes available to us now!  To view Tim Holtz newest releases and arrivals, please visit  2011 Tim Holtz releases   The BIGZ Dies and Movers & Shapers, and On the Edge dies start on page two of the '2011 Tim Holtz section'  The Embossing folders start on Page four of the 2011 Tim Holtz releases section

Here's a picture of my favorite ATC size Embossing folder set from Tim Holtz, French Connection Texture Trades...I can't post the other embossing folders without posting a picture of this sweet set!

I like this set, the designs are so dainty.
I think it offers a lot of options for use, I don't think it is for ATC's only! These designs would add a lot to any card or project!

Some of the cute Mini & Shapers (magnetic) have arrived!  Mini Leaf & Branch, Mini Bird & Cage, Mini Crown & Fleur de Lis, Mini tickets and Mini Gears have arrived!  They can be seen in our online catalog Here.
These smaller shapes can be cut out of your project, creating a window, and the cut-out part can be used as an embellishment!  That's what I like to see...NO waste!  The Steampunk on the Edge has arrived as well, and it goes great with the mini Gears!!!
Shown at left is the mini Branch and Leaf set.  Look at it carefully....doesn't that look like it could be used for antlers to reindeer??  Tim's Reindeer Flight BIGZ die set doesn't have antlers....I used this set for many cards this past Christmas....without antlers.... I think, with a few snips, this branch will do quite nicely to add a little variety to the deer.  Of course, the leaf will make a lovely little window as well leaf's the branch I'm most excited about with this set!
Some of the BIGZ dies have arrived as well.  I've noted in my online catalog which items are in stock now, in the 'title line'. Tim's BIGZ dies start on page two of the 2011 Tim Holtz section
All of Tim's new Products can be viewed in our online catalog in 2011 Tim Holtz new releases
If you are interested in some of Tim's products that were released prior to this year, visit Tim Holtz Products in Our online catalog.

Thanks for visiting.  If you have any questions, please email me at integritydes at telus dot net
Have a wonderful Weekend

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