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Happy New Year!  I can't believe that it's been three months since I've posted...almost......These past few  months have been so busy, that the time flew by and, here we a new year! 
A new year, and so much to look forward to!

New Embossing folders and dies arriving in 2012 
I went into the storage area a few days ago, (where I keep duplicates of embossing folders, cutting dies, stamps, inks, etc that I have in the shop)....I had a rude awakening....2012 is here and new embossing folders and dies are going to start arriving this week....AND I have NO ROOM!  
Did I tell you that this 'store room' is actually our guest room?...Anyone who comes to stay overnight, shares the room with all of my stock of  'Paper Crafting Goodies'....Until now, the bed has been kept could walk into the room...lay on the bed...then, back out....The room is piled high with Spellbinders Nestabilities and dies, Embossing folders and ink pads and embossing powders...and, don't!!.....I looked around, and realized that the new embossing folders and dies, etc that are to be released in 2012 will have to go onto the bed in boxes.....(I don't think our company will be impressed, lol)....We carry embossing folders from ProvoCraft / Cuttlebug, Tim Holtz, Sizzix, Crafts-Too (from United Kingdom), Couture Creations (Australia) and Craft Concepts (also from Australia)....The two companies from Australia make Limited Edition embossing folders....only one manufacturing run of each design, then they're discontinued, and they start designing and creating another design line of embossing folders. 
I take pre-orders for these companies, and, order some extras for those people who didn't place pre-orders....Even though the limited editions usually sell out, when I order, I try to make sure I've got extras of each of them in stock.... I have over 300 different embossing folder designs in stock!  (and may have more than one extra of each!...So, as you can imagine....They are starting to take up more space than I have.......
Because I'm expecting the first embossing folders from Couture Creations to arrive this week, I'd better start making room!  
to remedy the situation,  I'm having a SALE to help clear out some of the boxes, and make room for newly released embossing folders!  

SALE: Buy Four Embossing Folders, Get Fifth Embossing folder Free
For ALL of the single (individual) embossing folders in stock, I'm offering Buy Four embossing folders, and get ONE FREE!  This includes both A2 size (4 1/4 x 5 1/2") and 5x7" Size embossing folders from Cuttlebug, Crafts-Too, Couture Creations, & Craft Concepts.  You can purchase a mixture of sizes (prices), and the least expensive one will be the FREE embossing folder that you receive!  This is only for embossing folders that are currently in stock,  the pre-orders for 2012 aren't included.
Below are the links to TWO areas of my online catalog where you will find the embossing folders that are on sale. 
Embossing folders-category 1
Embossing Folders - Category 2 
(Place your cursor over the thumbnail image to see Name, Code, Price, Size and  if the embossing folder is still in stock, or whether it is sold out.  You can email me at integritydes at telus dot order, and for more information.  

Here are pictures of a couple of my favorite embossing folders that are on sale.
 Pine Tree Scene A2 Embossing folder from Crafts-Too
CFT-4008. $6.99  It is one of the new embossing folders that Crafts-Too introduced before Christmas...I do have a couple in stock, so as long as stock lasts, it can be purchased on sale.  (Buy 4, Get ONE FREE)

  Blooming Seasons A2 Embossing folder from Craft Concepts (900-045) $6.99 is a Limited Edition embossing folder from Australia that was introduced before Christmas that I like.  I have two left in stock
I have used this embossing folder several times, with different techniques...(Clear, Top Boss Embossing ink , then Embossing powder, heated on raised areas  >>Tsukineko Glue Pad on raised areas, then Glitter OR Clearsnap Design Foil (burnished onto raised areas..... I've also taken a Dove Blender Pen and 'colored the raised parts of the flowers, using it as embossing ink...then applied glittery embossing powder that is quite neutral....This folder design is great for using with Cor'edinations Cardstock because the raised areas that you are sanding aren't very large, (you don't have as much area to sand),  the design 'pops' beautifully!  All of the cards made with this folder turned out so different in appearance, that at first glance, you'd not know they were made with the same embossing folder design!

Couture Creations World Fair Limited Edition Embossing folders Arriving This Week!
Couture Creations from Australia has released their newest Design Line 'World Fair' embossing folders (ten embossing folders in this series) of 5x7" embossing folders.  This company does ONE manufacturing run of each design...then they discontinue the design!  These embossing folders are so popular, that they sell out quickly!
Below is the link to the area in my online catalog where the 2012 Embossing folder and cutting dies are located, (the World Fair Series is on the first page, as they're arriving first)...You will find, on the following pages, embossing folders and cutting dies that I'm currently taking pre-orders for.   They will be arriving at various times during the next few months 
2012 Embossing folders and cutting dies
In my online catalog (link above) place your cursor on thumbnail image to show size, price, code, etc)  Email me with your order / pre-order at integritydes at telus dot net

Here's a picture of one of the ten new embossing folders that we're expecting to arrive this week.  72-3038 -World Map 5x7" -Couture Creations

New Memorybox Dies!  Taking Pre-orders - Placing order Jan 12
I'm so pleased with everyones response to the Memorybox Dies that I brought in before Christmas. Everyone loved them! Customers who purchased these metal dies from me are asking for more!  These little die designs are so beautiful- very delicate and intricate- yet, they're easy to work with, using the Cuttlebug, Big Shot, and Wizard.  

I've been asked to bring more in, so, am currently taking orders for Memorybox dies.
As luck would have it, Dave, at Memorybox dies has designed and created some great new dies that have just been released!  Designed for spring, their arrival comes at the perfect time!  They've created many new dies, and with the dies they currently make, there are so many to choose from, in all themes!

I do have a few Memorybox dies in stock, from the December order, but there isn't many left.    I've been sending my customers to Memorybox's website,    to view their online catalog, where all the dies are shown.  To see the sizes of the various dies, click on the thumbnail picture, the size of the die will be shown.  (Nice to know the size of dies before we buy them!   While at Memorybox's website, make sure you take time to view their videos, and projects!  Dave has a fantastic blog, where he gives instructions and hints on using Memorybox dies!  Very inspiring and educational....check it out!
Because Memorybox Inc. is a manufacturer, and they don't sell retail, their website does not show retail prices.  To find out Canadian prices, email me, (integritydes at telus dot net  )with the name and code number of your choices, and I will email you back with Canadian prices. 

 I want to show you a couple of their new dies....the problem is...which ones do I show...I love them all, and think you will see why.... many of the new dies have been created to 'go together'...(solid base die (example-butterfly), and another 'detailed overlay butterfly design' that fits over the solid butterfly....
Here's one of their new borders that I love- 
Cherish Border-98282- size 1.6 x 5.7"   One of the things I particularly like about MemoryBox's borders, is that they're nice and long...This border reminds me of their Frostyville Border 981466 that came before Christmas.  I'm sold out of the Frostyville Border, but am me if you'd like one.

 LaRue Heart 98255- 3.4" x 3.7" (layers over Grand heart 98254 (which is a solid heart)  
Isnt' that gorgeous?!
And...for those who'd like a smaller heart....there's Sarafina Heart 98278, which is 2.9" x 3"  and layers over Cupid Heart 98281 , (solid heart that is the same size)

Here's the link to my online catalog area where you will find the MemoryBox dies that I have in stock.
Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps Online Catalog - Cutting Dies
I'll be adding new dies to the area when I order them this week. 

If you have any questions...or, if there is a Memorybox die that you've seen that you'd like me to order for you.....please email me at:  integritydes at telus dot net   (also shown in left sidebar)

Tips on using intricate detailed dies:  

TIP:  When using intricate dies that have a lot of detail, if you find that after one pass through your Cuttlebug or Big Shot, there is still an area on your die that didn't cut through..... Turn your card stock and die 1/4 turn, and run it through your die cutting machine again(from a different angle)..... Sometimes running it through at a different angle will adjust the pressure, and it will cut through all the way.  I've used some very intricate dies, with a lot of detail...and, depending on the card stock and some cases I've had to put it through my machine three times, each time leading with a different side of the die before it cut all the detail out successfully. 

TIP:  Are you finding that the center of a larger, very detailed die didn't 'cut all the way through'?....Because there is so much cutting to do on some of the very large, detailed dies, the pressure isn't always even.  There is more pressure on the outer edges of the die than there is in the center part.  SOLUTION:  Take a piece of card stock scrap, about 2" wide, that you can lay across the middle part of your die...use as a it through...Is another area uncut?  Move your card stock shim to cover that area  (REMEMBER, put this shim on the 'top' of the die, not underneath the card stock you are cutting, for added pressure)...

TIP:  Are you tired of pushing out the small (hole) cuts from detailed dies?  I bought myself one of Tim Holtz die 'picks'....Best thing since sliced bread...(according to my hands, anyway)....I had been using an Awl that I 'scoffed' out of Gord's garage....for poking out fine die cuts....but I didn't  like using it to clean out Sizzix / Tim Holtz Steel Rule Dies.....The 'shaft' of the awl was thick, and it didn't have any 'give'....I tried out Tim's pick, which is made for picking out scraps from the steel rule dies, with minimal damage to the foam on the dies...Then, used it for poking out cuts in my 'other' dies....Worked MUCH better.  My hand didn't get as tired (an awl isn't supposed to be held the way a pick is, so the handle is made differently....
Tim's pick is actually narrower as well as being a bit longer and more flexible (pokey part)...worked much better  than my awl.  ....
Here's a link to it in my online catalog:  Tim Holtz Die Pick
I have two areas in my online catalog that contains Tim Holtz Products....One category is for the NEW products Tim has introduced in 2011, the other is 'All' of Tim Holtz products  --I'm currently moving everything into 'All' of Tim Holtz products category...we've got a new year of new products that are waiting for their own special category! lol
If you have any questions, or would like to place an order email me:
integritydes at telus dot net

Have a fantastic week, and Happy Stamping!  

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