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Sneak peaks at new CHA releases

Can you believe this, two posts in as many days???  You are going to get tired of hearing from me!
As many of you know, CHA Winter is starting at the end of January!
Tomorrow, January 12, is Day ONE of Spellbinders Abilities and Beyond Blog Frenzy!  Spellbinders designers have been busy designing and creating projects using the new Releases that will be introduced at CHA!  This is also the time that we all get to try and WIN one of the die sets (or more) by entering by email for the Nestabilities and embossing dies that are being previewed in that particular blog.....I keep far, no luck...but maybe this year...?  lol!  Of course I can't forget to mention that at the end of the Spellbinders Abilities and Beyond Blog Frenzy, there will be a grand draw (from those people who entered /emailed after viewing each of the previews every day....One lucky paper crafter will win ONE each of ALL the die sets previewed!  Put a Sticky note on your monitor reminding yourself to visit the various blogs every day so you don't miss any of the new dies and projects! The dates of the previews are January 12-20, 2012.
  Wouldn't winning any of these dies be great?!....and to win ALL of them, that be a 'dream come true'!  I'd be one happy camper!  ...heck, I'd be happy to win ONE set of Spellbinders dies .... I'm not what you'd call a 'lucky person' when it comes to draws and contests...I enter... I buy tickets...but, I haven't been lucky enough to ever get a notification saying I've one...(not from a 'legitimate contest' anyway), lol.  But, hey, someone has to win, and some of us have to be in the remaining 99% of the entrants!  It's just fun thinking of what I'd do with the prize...if I should EVER win!
Here's the link to Spellbinders website/ blog, to the page they've got the dates and blog addresses of the designers taking part in the Abilities and Beyond Blog Frenzy Spellbinders Abilities and Beyond Blog Frenzy  
Good Luck to everyone!  It is going to be a lot of fun checking out the new Nestabilities and dies...and making a 'wish list'.  I've been told by one of my distributors that Spellbinders will be releasing 90 new Products at Winter CHA....They're giving us a sneak peak at 54 of them!!  That should keep my brain working on overtime!  (TIP:  If you have ideas on what you'd like to do with any of the dies...make notes and suggestions....ON PAPER!  (or on your computer)....I always get great ideas...if I don't write them down....when I actually get the Embossing dies or Nestabilities....I forget the great ideas I had!  This year...everything is getting put on paper...I've learned...I can't count on my memory!

Today we had some good luck...We had to get a new furnace installed....(ours was ONLY  ten years old...but, I won't get started on that topic....gotta keep my blood pressure down, giggle)......that was not the good luck......
The good luck is, the weather was supposed to be cold (minus 17 Celsius) with high winds...and we'd have no furnace all day...but, the 'weather gods' decided to smile on us, and it turned out to be a lovely day, (only minus 8 degrees), with NO winds!  We've had such high winds for over a week, almost two weeks which created such a 'Wind Chill'...but, today they stopped, and the weather cooperated!  I didn't need to bring out the long underwear!

CHA Winter 2012
Ooooh, I love this time of year!  I think it's like  'Crafter's Christmas'...(unlike Christmas, it comes TWICE a year! (Winter CHA and Summer CHA)  Lucky us!   As a child, the waiting and wondering what's going to be 'under the paper, and in the box'  was almost as much fun as opening the present Christmas morning..Now, in this case, we're wondering and thinking about  what's  behind the closed doors of various craft companies and manufacturers)  The anticipation is almost as great  (notice....I said 'Almost') as the actual dates of CHA, when everything is formally introduced.  No more speculating and wondering!

Tim Holtz new CHA Releases Sneak Peak
Tim has started giving peaks into what Ranger, Advantus, Sizzix, etc have been doing with his ideas and designs....looking goooood!
He posted on his blog today, Part One of a ?? part series of what we can look forward to seeing introduced at CHA.  Today he gave us a peak at some of the items from Sizzix and Core'dinations that will be introduced at CHA 2012!  I have to say, I loved the dies he gave us a peak at...BUT...I'm so happy someone finally listened to  'frugal crafters' and helped us SAVE our beautiful large sheets of cardstock from being hacked up by a small die!!    I love Core'dinations cardstock...They are such a lovely heavy weight, with beautiful (woven) texture...and, when they're embossed, or wrinkled and sanded...the contrast between the cardstock core and the surface....I love it!  ....But, I hate cutting into such beautiful (and intact)...virginal sheet of 12 x 12" cardstock, with a 'dinky' little die...or even a 3" square/round die....I feel as if I've wrecked it, in case I want to make something bigger...or want to make coordinating items...(needing more paper of the same color)....So, I go looking for scraps to use (in the bags of scraps sorted by colors), but, of course, my scraps end up being 1/8" smaller than I need (doesn't that just drive you crazy?)....I keep turning the die around and shifting it...just maybe I can get it to fit, it doesn't....

OK...Back to Tim Holtz's new release 'sneak peak'....Core'dinations has gotten together with Sizzix and created ....ta-da-ta-daaaa....Cut and Emboss cardstock pads!!  That's right!  Smaller pads of lovely textured heavy-weight  Core'dinations cardstock, so you don't have to cut into a large 12 x 12" sheet...These pads of paper are 4.5 x 5.5" (10.8 x 14cm) in size...72 per pad....and are available in Distress and Nostalgic color collections!!  But, there's more....Better yet...You KNOW how we love to use the decorative strip dies from Sizzix and Tim Holtz...Where do you get paper long enough to cut the strip?....and do it without slicing up a 12 x 12 sheet....and sometimes we need it a 'hair' longer than 12" ...(and only a two inches wide strip).
Core'dinations and Sizzix have gotten their heads together and put out ' Core'dinations 'strips' pads of cardstock....long enough to cut your design that's on the decorative strip die....and wide enough, (without wasting a lot of paper)....These too, come in a pad of 72 Distress color collection and Nostalgic color collection!....

I'm looking forward to using these 'no waste' cardstock pads by Core'dinations, and am glad that Sizzix and they got together and came up with something to help save my 12 x 12" sheets of cardstock!.....I have to say,  I'm happy with all of the types of cardstock that I've cut and embossed....but, Core'dinations gives that extra 'oomph' when the raised areas are sanded!    It adds some 'detail' to the image.

I'll know the prices, etc after CHA....and ALL of the new products from Ranger, Tim Holtz, Stampers Anonymous, Core'dinations, Tsukineko, and, OF COURSE Spellbinders...(that's a given) will be available to order/pre-order once they're 'officially released'.  I'll be placing them in Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps Online Catalog as they're being introduced (or sneak peaks given) for pre-order / order. I'll post more, with links to the online catalog categories

In my online catalog, categories of products can be found in a navigational area, (with it's own scroll bar) at the bottom right side of the may have to scroll down...Place cursor on thumbnail image to see name, price, code, etc...Click on the thumbnail for details

Gotta Run.....The furnace guys left...WE HAVE HEAT!!  and, supper is ready.....(thank goodness for left-overs)...and Gord's starving!
I received my Couture Creations order of Limited Edition Embossing folders from Australia today! These are 5x7" in size and can be seen in 2012 Embossing folders and Cutting dies  in my online catalog.  (email me to order)....When they are manufactured, there in only ONE manufacturing run done....then, that's more will be made...if there's one you'd like, please don't wait....When the distributor runs out....that's it....
The furnace guys are coming back tomorrow...I guess they're not finished yet...but we have heat!!! (now its OK, the weather can turn cold!)

Have fun checking out the new 'sneak peaks'...and, don't forget to check out Spellbinders website and their blog so you can follow their link to the Spellbinders Abilities and Beyond Blog Frenzy information at Spellbinders BLOG
Happy Drooling over the new releases!!
Talk to you later!

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