Monday, December 10, 2012

So much going on! and, Christmas is coming!

Hi, I can't believe it's been this long since I've had a chance to actually post!  I did start posting several times, and it seemed something always came up....and I'd end up 'trashing' the post....deleting it, and telling myself I'd start again....

First of all....Happy Christmas Season!  by now most of us have gotten our Christmas and holiday cards done...(not me, of course....I work better 'under pressure'....that's my story, and I'm sticking to it...Smiles)... I do seem to get more accomplished when I'm 'under the gun', with a time limit!

Online Catalog's NEW LOOK!

In the past few months, my Online Catalog (hosted by Photobucket) has gone under some transformations....After the shock of getting emails from customers asking me what the heck is going on....nothing is working the way it should...OR, worse still, 'I can't get 'into it'...." I can't see pictures....HELP!"...I had no idea what was happening....Because of the way I had my settings set...I was seeing the 'old' reliable version....not the new, exciting unpredictable version!...
After several emails to the Photobucket support staff (we're now on first name basis, and I think they are tired of hearing from me)...I calmed down, and went to the catalog and actually looked at it...(I think until then, all I could think of was "no one can see all the great new dies and embossing folders that have come in!...and are waiting for good homes"...The 'help' area is 'geared' toward the old're 'on our own'....
It's actually a not bad only took me an hour to figure it out,(after I finally calmed down and started reading.... and I thought..this isn't as bad as I thought it was.... "All is Well"...I made up a 'cheat sheet', with screen shots...for my customers and online visitors to view, to make navigation easier....
...Since this is just a 'beta' or test version, Photobucket has been working their little hearts out...and, screwing things up for seems one day I can day I can't...and, I'm sure it's because they're working on the, if you have problems viewing anything...just email me
If you have tried your 'old link' to my online catalog (shown on this blog)...and it didn't work...try again...things are better....
It IS in a different format...NOW, the list of Categories are where they used to be..a few years ago..(and where it should the top left hand side of the screen!...There is an arrow located at the top Left of the screen...labelled "View Photos and Stories"  click on it, and there are the categories!

If you viewed the online catalog and had problems navigating, I hope you will give the new format a chance...I've made up a 'cheat sheet', with screen shots to help navigate through the categories...(and we have over 35 of them).  Email me at....integritydes at gmail dot com 

Somethings we never learn... Until we learn it the 'hard way'

Do you remember your mother telling you... "Make sure you put clean underpants on every may be in a car accident" are prepared...they're clean before you have the accident (but you will probably have an accident in those clean pants...when you see the car accident' coming!).......I know that when you come into one is going to be checking to see if you left the house with clean 'undies''s hope they've got other priorities!! lol
Seriously...NOW, with all the advances in technology...the 'advice' we get is a bit's more along the lines of "Back up ALL of your work....Back up your emails...Keep up to date with changes ...(with computer related products)"..Don't forget to BACK UP EVERYTHING!
Back up. any  changes to your computer without backing up ALL of your emails! and other programs...I'm not going into details....but, I had Windows 8 Pro installed....and, I lost everything in my Outlook Express...(ok, I KNOW...Outlook Express was old, old, OLD...and no one liked it...)  I know no one *but me, from what I hear* liked it....I had no troubles....but...I had been planning to transfer my emails to Gmail...and never got the chance.....for two years........I was busy.....OK, I was procrastinating.....Well...Procrastination came back to bite me in the butt...
Unexpectedly, (I'm not going to get 'into it'.).but, I had to change operating systems 

I changed operating systems..I was told I wouldn't lose anything....BUT, .I lost my email contacts...address book, emails..folders...everything in my email program........WAHHHH...
With BOTH personal AND business email addresses!....I've been trying for over  two weeks to get back addresses and information....Now you know what I've been
It could have been a lot worse.... I KNOW it could...but, right now, this is bad enough!!
I've been busy trying to get my emails and contact lists back, etc.....(when I'm not spending time kicking my butt....because I KNEW BETTER!!)....

I had promised myself years ago that I'd change my email address to come in through a 'cloud based Gmail....but, kept putting it off...NOW, after losing every email record I had...I'm not procrastinating any longer!  (heck, might as well start it now,
So, I decided, THAT's IT!  We've changed email addresses to GMAIL!
Finally....after two years of saying I would change over...I finally did!  Hot-Diggety Darn!'
Our new email address is:  integritydes (same as before) at gmail dot com.
To contact us, or check the status of an order.....  just email me at:    integritydes at gmail dot com  

There's Silver lining in every cloud!!!

One good thing about a new email address...NO SPAM!'s great, I'm not getting any spam in ...I wonder how long that will last...until l start getting emails advertising Viagra....or some lawyer contacts me...telling me he has a million dollars waiting for me lol...there's got to be a million of them out there, LOL!

I'm closing for now...I've been playing with some of the new Tim Holtz and Couture Creations embossing folders the last couple of evenings.....I'm still making Christmas cards, lol
 and have been having so much fun!....With the new dies, and embossing folders, along with some great inks and embellishments....makes for some great new ideas!
I'm really enjoyin Tim Holtz / Sizzix Winter Berries, and the Pine Boughs...(that looks great with earthy colors, and irrdescent Tsukineko Opalite Colors!!.AND, the Distress Hard Rock Candy Stickles...adds such great shine and sparkle...(remember, the distress Stickles Rock Candy works better if you apply it with your fingertip....better than if you try to squeeze it onto the image....It adds a clear glossy finish, with sparkles that shimmer and shine in a very understated way...
 I also love the embossed designs in the Poinsettia embossing folder! (cut with the BIGZ Blooming Poinsettia die, then emboss)...Gorgeous!  
The hardest decision this year is deciding which Poinsettia cutting die to use!  Tim Holtz Poinsettia is so beautiful....And, Memory Box's Blooming Poinsettia is also gorgeous...decisions...decisions..decisions...
Have a great evening, I hope that I'll be posting again within the next few days!

I wanted to make sure that my customers and paper crafting friends knewwe had a new email address..and what was happening with the new look with the online catalog...(email me at our new email address to get your cheat sheet with screen shots)
Please change our information in your address book.

Thanks for visiting!
(We've got lots of new Memory Box, and Poppy Stamps dies and stamps in stock (Have you seen the new windows, (gothic, arched, etc) lovely...They ARE now in stock...I'll post more about them later!

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