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Christmas Quickie Cards and More!

Hi Everyone....Happy Pre-Christmas Season!
Oh, my gosh, it's December 16th...9 more days til Christmas!....and, I'm still making Christmas cards!  WOW!...I've been 'behind' before...but never this FAR behind!....But, I've been having a great time baking and getting other things done...that's what's important!  -....My Stamping friends and customers will get their cards in January....maybe I'll send them for....Ukrainian Christmas!  (that will give me a couple of weeks! lol!)....

I have something I want to share with you!....
 One of the best things since....  sliced bread???
I've been meaning to post about one of the best things I've discovered in the past year..(Intentions are good...but... I always seem to get side tracked with new arrivals, and new releases and other great things!)

I'd like to tell you about one of the best tools I've come across in the past couple of years.....something, I think everyone will appreciate.....Nothing fancy...nothing mind-blowing...but, the BEST!...(I WAS NOT paid to say this....I purchased the punches....The company did not give me anything...NOR, did they solicit an endorsement)
This is the kind of great item that you need every day something you can rely on!   while you are stamping, scrap-booking and paper crafting'.....Introducing...... Drum Roll Puh-Lease...Brrrrrrrrr...brrrrrrr. (I never was sure how to 'write the sound of drums.......Now, introducing ....
the horn section...........Ta..da..Ta...Daaaaaa...! (I'm better with the horn section than the drums........)

 Zutter's 'Round-It-All' Corner Rounder'

This is NOT a new product...It's been around for a few years ...Please...don't quibble and ask me how Many is a 'Few' years..........(Gord always gives me a hard time, when I say "a "few" ...he'll ask me..."How many is a 'Few'.?") ....I don't know....the answer....."more than one, less than five!"  (sounds good, right?)

If you are a paper crafter...and you like your  'rounded corners'....Here is something you should put on your Christmas list... This is the best Corner Rounder I've ever used! AND, I've used MANY different brands and styles....this is the absolute BEST!  (In my humble opinion)

Made by the same company that makes 'Bind-It-All' binding machines..(which I'm also a huge fan of)
'Round it All's' corner rounder punches come in two sizes...a 1/4" corner rounder (blue) and the 1/2" corner rounder (pink).....They are heavy duty punches, that will cut through clear Acrylic covers, Corrugated Cardboard, Chipboard, and more..without over-working your hands....I've cut through heavy weight materials...the punch does the work, just a slight squeeze on my part, and the tool does the rest...smoothly..with little to no 'work' on my part
I use the Blue, 1/4 inch size with ATC's, and smaller items...and...the Pink, 1/2" rounder is the one I use for cards, etc....  both A2 size and 5x7".

Some punches and rounders will cut through heavy-weight items...(but, you may have to press on them with your foot (better do it on the floor, not the table, lol).......BUT, the great aspect of these 'punches'....they cut through...and THEY are doing the work...NOT YOU and I!
They cut through Acrylic Covers, Chipboard, and many other 'difficult' items....without YOU doing all the work!  No straining your hand or wrist!  That's right...When you squeeze the handles together, you can feel the transfer of the 'weight' down, to the other end of the cutters....You can feel the tool doing the work...NOT YOUR HANDS!
Over the years I've worn out many 'Corner Rounders' from several manufacturers....It didn't really take me very long to do that, either- within a year...even with 'punch maintenance'...cutting through sand paper, aluminum foil, AND waxed paper...and using Cutter Glide .....I STILL wore them out....I've been using the Round-it-All punches (one of each size) for about four years ....and, they're still working as great as the day I started using them!  These are still the first punches I new ones!
They can be seen in my online catalog in the Tools and Toys Category:

When I first opened the punch package, I saw they have a 'plastic/rubber / vinyl' band around the handles, holding them closed.....The first thing I thought when I saw them was...."I wonder how many days it will take me to lose that little band"......I'm notorious for cleaning off the table and little 'extra's', like this band will end up in the waste basket, along with the small paper scraps.... 
I like these bands (at first I couldn't figure out what the 'deal' was with them).......then I did... They hold the 'handles' together, the Rounders take up less place in my drawer,  and they don't get hooked on other items in the drawer.......Amazingly enough.....I still have bands from both of the 'Rounders'!  Four years, and they're still around....I haven't lost them!  WOW, that's something for me!

If you have any problems with your hands or wrists...OR, if you are tired of using flimsy corner rounders that you have to keep replacing....Check the Zutter 'Round-It-All' !.......You won't be disappointed, I'm sure!
 Not sure which size to try first? 
 If you are a 'card-maker', Think Pink!  Try the 1/2" size Round-it-All' first!  ....then, when you LOVE it..get the 1/4" size....They can be used for smaller  items, like ATC's....(When I'm putting more than one or two 'tiles' on a card, I'll use the smaller, 1/4" corner rounder.)
I've been gushing about these....and, I haven't even told you about a VERY important bit of information about them.....(actually, this is the reason I decided to purchase them, in the first place)....they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Zutter Round-it-All LifeTime Warranty
  ....That's right.....Like all of the other Zutter Products, the company stands behind their products with a great warranty!  Heck, not very many things these days come with a warranty of any kind, (if you are lucky...maybe you will get a 6 month warranty, with a list of exclusions a mile long......don't get me started, lol)...
....Sincerely...If you are in the market for new corner Rounders...For your hands 'sake'....Check these out....and give your hands a break!!    (we do have them in stock if you'd like to give yourself a Christmas present!).......If you have any problems with your hands.....These punches are fantastic! 

Before I go on to show you some of the 'Quickie Cards' I've been working on....I want to make sure you know.....Zutter did not give me these punches...Nor did they solicit my 'raves' and recommendations.... these are the smoothest, most comfortable punches I've used....and, I know I'm not the only person with 'bad hands'...I had to share this with you!

Christmas Quickie Cards!

As usual, (and, like everyone else, I'm running behind at Christmas time....with 'life' and computers getting in my way...(don't get me started about computer issues)....I've decided, if I want to get quick, lovely cards out....I'm turning to embossing folders and dies!...and, of course....Tsukineko Opalite inks (Pads and inkers) favorite for making something 'ordinary' become something extra-ordinary!  for those of you who have followed me over the years....You know....December will find me pulling out the Opalite inks....Lots of quick iridescent fun!...Below, you will find some of the cards I made....using Tsukineko Opalite inks, Distress Stickles Rock Candy, Tim Holtz / Sizzix Embossing folders, and Viva Decor Pearl Pens and Ranger Stickles, and of course.......Embossing folders!...In this case, these are all Tim Holtz embossing folders.  we carry embossing folders from United Kingdom, (Crafts-too), Australia (Craft Concepts, Couture Creations), USA (Cuttlebug)....etc...
I wish I could figure out how to put these pictures side by side...I'm sure
 there is a way....I just don't know how....My will have to scroll down to view my Christmas Quickies......
Anyone who has followed me through the years know...for me, Christmas time's time to pull out the Opalite inks and start playing...lots of irridescent fun! .....This year, I've added a NEW product to the mix....
 Ranger's Distress Stickles Rock Candy! 
Once my Opalite Inks were dry, (I applied them with 'paper towel' or finger tip to the raised images)  I 'squirted' a bit of Distress Stickles Rock Candy to my craft sheet, then dipped my finger tip in, and lightly applied to the raised, inked areas........and let dry...

the Rock Candy adds depth to the dark cardstock, (and the Opalite inks) as well as a shiny gloss...when the light reflects off, with the little 'flecks' of glitter...It is so gorgeous!  Not glitzy and sparkly, like 'regular' Stickles...these are gorgeous in an 'under-stated' way!..It seems to add dimension and depth....I wish the pictures I took would show the depth better...and how pretty they are in 'Real Life'
 ...but, I guess, that's the way it goes!
                   I added various Ranger Stickles Glitter Glue...Stardust, Diamond, Burgundy, Xmas Red, etc to highlight the Winter Berries...(I especially like to use the Burgundy and Xmas Red together.....I used Tim Holtz Tinsel Twine, on the card below....(and, I'll admit...I received a Christmas card with the lovely red Foil lining in the envelope...I promptly ripped it out, and took it down stairs....between my Big Shot and my Spellbinders...we ended up with a glorious, Shiny foiled matting for my Christmas greetings! (on the card below)..which has also used Tim Holtz tinsel twine and the ' Tiny Attacher'  It attaches small items, without showing where..but,as you can see...i was a little 'crooked' on the left side.....I'll blame my eye-sight
  Once my Opalite Inks were dry, (I applied them with 'paper towel' or finger tip to the raised images)  I 'squirted' a bit of Distress Stickles Rock Candy to my craft sheet, then dipped my finger tip in, and lightly applied to the raised, inked areas........and let dry...(You CAN use your heat gun to dry distress Stickles, with now problem!  They add a depth to the dark cardstock, (and the Opalite inks) as well as gloss...when the light reflects off, with the little 'flecks' of glitter...It is so gorgeous!  Not glitzy and sparkly, like 'regular' Stickles...these are gorgeous in an 'under-stated' way!..It seems to add dimension and depth....I wish the pictures I took would show the depth and how pretty they are in 'real life'...but, I guess, that's life!

Today I talked about playing with Tim Holtz / Sizzix embossing folders. these are only one of the brands of embossing folders that we carry.
We carry embossing folders and dies made in United Kingdom, Australia, USA, and Canada.
 ..Cheery Lynn, Couture Creations (Limited Editions), Craft Concepts, Crafts-Too, Cuttlebug, Dee's Distinctively Dies, Impression Obsession, Memory Box, Poppy Stamps, new companies make a great impression...we'll carry them too!
.....Each company has their own style..The Couture Creations embossing folders from Australia are 'limited editions'...there is ONE manufacturing run made of each design..Once they're sold out, they're gone.....and the next design is manufactured....I'm happy to say, I've been able to order extras (and get them), when the manufacturer, AND other retailers are sold out....I've still got a couple left in stock!  If there is a design you are looking me....We may be able to help you!
We've added another NEW area to our ONLINE CATALOG.  2013 Embossing Folders and Dies Pre-Orders...Couture Creations and some of the other international companies have been kind enough to give us 'sneak peaks' of their upcoming embossing folders and dies...and, this gives us a chance to pre-order, if you let us know what you'd like...we can order them, and make sure that no one is disappointed!
Check out our 2013 Pre-orders (Embossing folders and dies) that are expected to arrive within the next couple of months in our online catalog at:  Integrity Designs 2013 Pre-orders- dies and Embossing folders
We do have some Embossing folders and Dies that we were expecting to arrive in December, 2012....These, as well as the new embossing folders and designs that have arrived within the past few months can be found here, at:  2012 Embossing folders and dies  Many of these dies and embossing folders have arrived, but, we are waiting for some.  Generally, anything with an ETA date...means it hasn't arrived yet...(To check on the status of an embossing folder or die that you are interested in, please email me!  (it may be here, and I missed changing it in the catalog!)

I guess I've 'babbled' enough.....I managed to tell you what was 'important'...You know about the great 'Round-it-All' punches which, whether you have 'healthy hands' or not, They're Grreeeaaat! (Tony the Tiger sounds inserted here).....thank you Kellogg's...I think that it's Kellogg's who make up 'Tony the Tiger'
Have a great evening....

If you have any questions about the punches, or any of the cards I showed in this post....Please email me at our NEW email address:  integritydes at gmail dot com
Happy Pre-Christmas Season! I WILL post before the end of the year...once I get my baking done!

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