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Happy Tenth Anniversary - Time for a SALE!

Hi Everyone! 
I can't believe  it's February, and even though we in Medicine Hat,  (located in Southern Alberta, Canada) has been blessed with a very mild (most of the time) winter, I still am anxiously waiting for spring to arrive!  We've been so lucky to have relatively warm weather, compared to what everyone else is getting...  The warm Chinook winds blowing off the mountain are melting the snow that we do get....  We got 15 inches of snow in 24 hours about 2-3 weeks ago, and it was terribly cold...-29 degrees Celsius (without the wind chill factored in)! ....within 5 days of the storm, the Chinook winds started blowing, and we went from - 29 degrees to + 3 (in less than 24 hours).....and, it's stayed between -8 and +5 since!  ...It's great, but, we really need the moisture!!...and, I can't believe ...Valentines day, February 14th.....My tulips in the front flower bed, which should be under 6 inches or more of snow, are actually trying to send up shoots!  
In the fall, I noticed that the bulbs have been pushed up by the ground heaving, and I could see the tops of the bulbs at the soil's surface.  I meant to dig them up, and re-plant them, before it froze, but of course, I forgot, and the next thing I knew we had 5 inches of snow covering them...
NOW, the poor bulbs are laying on the top of the soil!  (and the ground is frozen, so I can't re-bury them!....(and, my trowel, etc are locked away in the back of the garden shed for the winter, I can't even get at them!)....I hope I don't lose those tulips!....I've received many varieties of tulip bulbs as gifts over the past years, and these were my favorites!  They had several layers of petals, and resembled Japanese peonies!....they were gorgeous!!....When I checked them out the other day, I saw that what wasn't above the ground was actually trying to grow, and there were shoots coming up through the cracks in the dirt!...(If we had snow covering them, they'd be insulated...but, since we don't, I hope I don't lose them!)

New 2013 CHA releases are on their way!
Can you believe it! Already!  Near the end of January, 2013 Winter CHA show was held in Anaheim, CA, and many new crafting and paper crafting products were introduced.....Sizzix, Tim Holtz, Spellbinders, Ranger, Tsukineko, ProvoCraft and other companies introduced some fantastic new products!  Of course, we were watching the paper crafting innovations...and, as usual, we were impressed!  So many great new products...I want them ALL!  
Spellbinders out-did themselves as usual, and introduced several new high quality products!  
Personally, I'm the most excited about two of their products....Three Dimensional M-bossing folders are one!  It's difficult to create a three dimensional image in a two dimensional format....
They've managed to give that 3-D effect with these by adding more dimension to their folders!   They're in a 5x7" size, so you can use them for larger cards and journals, OR, just use the part you want.....OR you can cut out part of the image and use it in another way.  Also wonderful about these, because they are made the way they are, they're perfect for inking and using as a 'letterpress'....Spellbinders has made them to snap apart for easy cleaning!!  (that's right up my alley!  
Anything that cleans easier is welcome in my Craft studio!  The new Spellbinders are scheduled to arrive within the next two weeks.  these have been very popular!...If you haven't ordered yours yet, email me and I'll make sure to reserve yours for you!  ( I can't wait to try these 3D Mbossabilities with Metalic foil!!  and American Crafts Chromatix Blending Markers!  (alcohol blending pens!).. I've got all kinds of ideas for these!!
Here are two of the Six designs that Spellbinders has introduced!  Ornamental Swirls (top) and Shell Beauty (bottom)
To view them in our online catalog, visit 2013 Spellbinders Releases in our Online Catalog.      
Spellbinders has also introduced more Card Creator Cutting dies!  I'll admit...this line is my personal favorite!   As well as introducing some more new great templates for creating A2 size cards, that coordinate with other A2 Card Creators, they also introduced Basic Mat sets for 5x7" card!    I feel as if I'm getting my money's worth when I can use dies and templates with those I already have...and these do that!  I bought the Basic Mat sets A and B last year, for A2 size cards....they can be used alone..or with each other...The decorative Card Creator sets can be used alone...or with either of the Basics sets!.....Now, with the Basic Card Creator sets for 5x7" cards....I'm set.....Instead of measuring and cutting for each matted element in my cards....I just run the set through my Big Shot, using various card stocks....and, Mix and match!  

Everything layers perfectly, and no pesky measuring for each element!! LOVE IT!  (did I tell you I'm always in a hurry? LOL)....I'll be honest, I'm a rotten measurer.....and a terrible cutter....I'm one of those people who's mat is always cock-eyed....that's why I'm such a huge fan of Spellbinders I think!....I run my nestabilities or dies through my Big Shot...and it's perfect!  No bad cuts!  I'm one of those people who can measure the same item three times...and get three different measurements!  so annoying...and time consuming......Next to this is Basics A- 5x7" card creator set.  Also available is Basic Set B which, like the Nestabilities, the coordinating embossing dies are 1/2" smaller in size, for perfect spacing when layering!  

 Rather than showing another set that basically looks the same as the Basics set A, just a different size....Here is one of the decorative sets that can be layered on top of Basic Mats set A or B!....No measuring, no extra measuring!  Just run the dies through your embossing/cutting machine and start layering!  (I'm so excited...can you tell?)  this set is named Detailed Scallops!

Spellbinders, along with their designers have been very busy this year!  They've also designed cutting dies to fit Bezels for the Jewelry Makers in  our midst!  They've paired with the creators of Ice Resin to design cutting dies and bezels......as well as 'paper crafting' toys!
They've designed a new die cutting machine, Artisan Explorer.....Gorgeous new detailed dies in their Imperial Gold line, which cut, emboss, Stencil and DEBOSS!!....These are colored Gold, and labeled as such......I'd be writing for another hour if I went into details.....
I found that visiting Spellbinders new website is well worth the visit!  Lots of videos, techniques, and gallery will entertain you for a long time!!  (and explain how each items is used)....
visit www.spellbinderscreativearts.com  to learn more!  
There were so many new products and designs introduced at CHA in January, that it is almost impossible to give them to you 'in a nut shell'.....!  
To view the new great products that Spellbinders introduced, and to see some wonderful new video techniques and projects....visit their NEW Website!  

Spellbinders New Paper Crafting products and MUCH MORE!
At the 2013 Winter CHA, Spellbinders has done something totally different...Not only did they introduce more wonderful Paper Crafting products, they've expanded their line of products to include Jewelry making products...

 Media Mixage Bezels and cutting dies! Spellbinders has teamed up with the developers of Ice Resin,and developed Bezels and cutting templates to fit the bezels...Templates  can cut various types of materials, that can be used with Ice Resin.  

 To the Left, shown is one of my favorite shapes...Hearts One. The Bezels are available in Brass and 'Silver' color.  Also available are sets of smaller hearts, with the same lovely heart shape!.  Shown below is the coordinating cutting die set for Heart One.  It can be used to cut shapes of cardstock, papers,etc, to fit in the Bezels shown!  

 Spellbinders has developed several different shapes of bezels and cutting dies, to give us a huge choice of shapes for our projects and jewelry

Along with the new line, Spellbinders is also introducing a Brand new cutting and Embossing machine that can be used with the Spellbinders Cutting dies, (and previously released nestabilities, shapes, borders, etc)
The new Artisan Explorer which is a compact multi-purpose, high pressure machine designed to cut, emboss and press with a multitude of materials, including paper, metals, fabrics, plastics and more!  

 To make sure that paper crafters, metal crafters and jewelry makers have everything they desire to create unique, projects, Spellbinders has introduced metal sheets in Copper and Aluminum; Fine art Papers; sets of Foil sheets in various colors; Double-Sided Card stock sets; and, of course, some great Instruction books that give us techniques and ideas and inspiration on using the various new products.  Also new to the Spellbinder line are Texture Plates, which are made of metal, and can be used to emboss textures in various materials including paper, leather, foils and plastics, using the Artisan X-plorer  machine
Spellbinders has developed SO MANY new products to use with SO MANY different materials, in SO MANY new and different ways!  
Because of the large number of new products being released by Spellbinders and other manufacturers, I'm still uploading products to our online catalog.  (We've also had some issues with changes to our online catalog format, which has slowed us down....). 
To view new 2013 releases of Spellbinders Cutting dies, foils, metal sheets, nestabilities and of course, Bezels, texture plates, etc....Check out our Online catalog, in the 2013 Spellbinders new releases    
If you can't find the product you are looking for, it may not be online yet..(our apologies)-You can view all of Spellbinders new products at Spellbinders Website: www.spellbinderspaperarts.com    We do carry ALL of spellbinders products, and, if you are looking for an item that isn't in our online catalog, please email me for information and to order.
To view Spellbinders products that were released before December 31, 2012, please visit our Spellbinders category in our online catalog.   If you have questions, or to order, please email us at the address given in the sidebar (integritydes at gmail dot com)

Spellbinders BLOG FRENZY is currently underway!  
It's Day TWO (February 26)  of Spellbinders Blog Frenzy and, as usual, their designers are presenting some interesting and beautiful projects some wonderful projects for us to see....(As usual, Spellbinders will be making a daily draw, from the comments left on their featured designers sites!  Make sure you visit these great Blogs to see some wonderfully talented designs using Spellbinders new products..(and some of their previously released products) (and, enter to win!)
To view the list of designers taking part in Spellbinders Blog Frenzy, visit Spellbinders website- This is the page that has the list of designers that are participating in the Blog Frenzy for the next five days (until March 2, 2013)   I hope you get a chance to enjoy the great blogs that are participating in Spellbinders Blog Frenzy!

Happy Tenth Anniversary- Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps 
What better excuse for a SALE?!
Where does the time go?  In January, when I was filling out some Chamber of Commerce paperwork, I realized that Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps had been in business for TEN YEARS ...I couldn't believe it!  It doesn't seem that we've been serving you that long!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! to my Customers, both 'Old' and New; ' Local and Mail Order customers...Thank you.....If not for you, We wouldn't still be here, in business today! 

To thank you, I'll be posting some BIG sales during 2013!

I wasn't able to attend CHA this winter, (I was busy doing inventory....lucky me...LOL)...But, I am finished counting each and every cutting die, Embossing folder AND piece of vellum and cardstock!   YIPPEE!
When I realized how many new and exciting products that were being released at CHA...and I saw how little space in the shop that is left to put them....I came to a realization....We Need to Make room!!....That means, We're going to have a sale!  First of all, We need to make room for Embossing folders and dies that are on their way.....Sooooo.....

 Embossing Folder / Cutting Die set SALE
To start with, we're going to be focusing on Embossing folders, and Embossing folder/ Cutting die combination sets! When I was doing Inventory, I realized I had to make room for new embossing folders and dies...I've decided to put many embossing folders, sets, cut and emboss sets, etc on sale, and pass the savings on to you!  Save from 10-25% on various sets and folders!
You can find over 75 embossing folders and sets that are on sale for the next TEN DAYS  (March 6, 2013)... in a Special category in my online catalog. Big Sale - Embossing Folders and Sets
One of the Embossing and Cutting die sets is 'Build your own Flower set' from Cuttlebug.  This set consists of Smooth Petals and centers and Scalloped Petal and centers....AND Four embossing folder designs to emboss the petals and centers!  Cut your design with the dies, then place in your choice of embossing folder, and run through your Cuttlebug or embossing / die cutting machine...(Big Shot, Vagabond, etc) to emboss your choice of designs.
This is one of the many sets that are currently on sale.  Check out our Sale area in the online catalog, where you will find some BIG savings!  - Email me at: integritydes at gmail dot com to order

Quick Reminder:  Postage on Embossing folders and dies is very inexpensive....When taken out of the plastic packaging, we can mail (A 2 size) up to 8-10 embossing folders, with Index backing chipboard, for under $4.00 (usually cheaper) anywhere in Canada...(USA is slightly higher)
Thanks for visiting, I'm on my way to a dentist appointment now, and I really want to get this posted....
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