Friday, August 1, 2008

My Cuttlebug died! but...I have a Big Shot

Yup, it's true, my Cuttlebug died. It's not been well ever since I
got it in October, and threatened to 'keel over' whenever two sheets
of Cardstock were inserted in the Embossing folder. I was told 3
sheets of C.S. were the maximum thickness to put through the
C.B....but I wasn't going to try it...No WAY....I knew that would kill
my little friend.
With 2 Sheets of Cardstock, it would slide around the table, moanin'
and groanin' and complaining bitterly.....but it did always spit the
embossed Cardstock out the other side, with good results.

I have been researching other brands of Personal Die Cutting machines
for a few months now, knowing that my little bug wasn't going to be
'long for this world'
After checking out several designer's blogs, and comparisons as well as
results from various die cut machine comparisons, I decided to invest
in a Big Shot which will take large dies, and is heavy duty. It
promises to cut chipboard, fabric, metal and more (up to 1/8" thickness)

The Big Shot arrived, and sat at the end of the table in my shop for a
week. I had a new customer arrive who hadn't heard of the Cuttlebug,
or embossing folders or dies, (Can you Believe that???) so I pulled
the CBug out, slipped a sheet of 110 lb cardstock in the embossing
folder, along with a shim of printer paper, (as this cardstock has a
white core, and I wanted to avoid the C.S. from cracking up)...I
praised 'the Bug' extolling it's virtues as I tried holding it still
and turned the crank...As the Sandwich came out the other side, the
handle seemed to 'disengage' from the rollers, (I don't know any other
way of putting it)...the handle spun around, with a mind of it's own,
and the top roller seemed to flipped up trying to hide inside the
green, I have a space approximately 1.5 -2" between the
rollers. The rollers don't turn, and you'd have to have a sandwich an
inch or two thicker than normal, and you'd have to push it through
yourself......It's "Dead as a Door Nail" hmmmmm I wonder where that
saying came from..
(That made a great impression on the customer, lol ...Do you think the
Black and Pink 'Big Shot' intimidated the little Green 'Bug', lol

I do love the Big Shot I'm very happy I purchased it. It's very
strong and takes very large dies. But I'm still going to Michaels to
return the Cuttlebug and see about getting it replaced! I bought it
in October, and didn't use it for classes, so it wasn't 'over-used'

Provo Craft's Instructions for Returning Cuttlebug:
For the first year you are to return the machine (With original
packaging) to place of purchase for 'repair or replacement'....I
bought it in October, so it is still under warranty.

I've never tried to return anything like this to Michael’s before.
I hope they don't think they'll send it away for repairs....I want a
NEW ONE! Even if I just use it to take when we're traveling in the
motor home it's so nice and small. (and I get enough 'flak' from my husband
for packing 'everything but the kitchen sink'....giggle)
I'm running out of time, so will tell you what Micheals decides to do in the next post.

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Saige/Grace said...

That's so awful about your Cuttlebug, but I'm glad you found something to replace it. It sounds like you got a bad Cuttlebug at any rate, and you should be able to get your money back. I've had mine for 1 1/2 years without incident (but pray for me!) -- my only complaint is the B plates bending in the middle after a while.

Take care, love your blog.

Gracie at