Thursday, August 7, 2008

My New bug is settling in...

I took my 'dead' Cuttlebug to Micheals Store, and after the cashier listened to my story, she told me that I 'need another one' and called the manager. The manager said the same thing when she saw it, that they'd exchange it for a new one. That was it...took my Cuttlebug that wasn't working, gave me a new one, and wished me good luck. When I got home I had several emails waiting for me from 'Cuttlebuggers' in one of the Yahoo groups I belong to who also had their Cuttlebugs 'die' on them.......Apparently I'm not alone! The sad part, is that I had 7 emails from people who had purchased their Cuttlebugs at Michaels, and all 7 of these people couldn't get Michaels to honor the warranty. When one person contacted Provo Craft, to tell them their problem (purchased from Michaels, and even though the Warranty stated to take the machine back to the place of purchase, Michaels wouldn't take it back and exchange it. Provo Craft said they'd 'look into it', and that was 2 months ago, and there has been no communication since.
One of the gals that emailed me told me that there was a 'bad batch' of Cuttlebug machines that came into Canada....and I guess we got them.
When I tried my Cuttlebug, I was amazed! This one didn't creak, groan and generally complain loudly whenever I put an embossing folder through the rollers. This one is much quieter, with much less complaining and shimmying around the table. No more complaining and grunting and groaning! No, Not all Cuttlebugs are created equal!
I'm ready to slide the new Cuttlebug Embossing folders through my new Cuttlebug and Big Shot (I can play with twice as many at one time, giggle) when they arrive, with no moaning, groaning and complaining from my 'little green bug'....

I just got the news today! The new Cuttlebug 'August-September- launch are on their way! The Holiday ones won't be arriving for another month.
I'd been hearing (on a couple of Yahoo groups I belong to) several concerns about 'Cuttlebuggers' being concerned about their orders from some companies; as some people were getting their Pre-orders that they paid for and others weren't.

For my customers: You will be contacted when I receive the orders from my Distributor, and I will let you know which Embossing folders, Combo's (Cut & Emboss) and dies will be arriving. As usual, I will not be charging your credit cards until you are notified as to which ones are in, and what the postage will be.
Yipee! I can't wait until the new Cuttlebug Borders and large A2 combo's come in. These can be seen at:
If this link doesn't work, here is a Tiny URL:
If you haven't placed your pre-orders for the new Cuttlebug Embossing folders, Combo's and dies, you still have time. To order please email me.

Two more days and counting!! They'll be here soon!
Until now the new Cuttlebug machine and the Big Shot have been sitting together, side by side, it will be fun to use them both.....I'm looking forward to using the Big Shot with fabric and metals. I'm expecting a Spellbinders order to arrive shortly, (within the week) and included will be the Assorted leaves and harvest leaves embossing dies. I'm looking forward to using the them with Crafting foils and my alcohol inks!

Thanks for reading!

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